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chapter 7 vocab

social studies 8th grade

acadians french people who were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British , many of whom made their way to Louisiana.
cabildo the governing body of Louisiana while it was a Spanish colony; the cabildo made legal decisions, set policies, and advised the governor
Camino Real Spanish for the "kings Highway"
Code O' Reilly name given to the new code of laws for the Spanish colony of Louisiana based on the Spanish Law of the Indies
Evangeline heroine of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; the poem tells the story of the acadian expulsion from Nova Scotia
French and Indian War Also known as the seven years war; a war in which resulted in France losing most of its holding in North America
French Revolution an uprising that took place in France 1789
Islenos Spanish for "islander"; Spanish people who came to Louisiana from the Canary Islands
laissiez-fraire noninterference by the government in economic affairs
militia a military forced composed of citizen soldiers
neutral not taking sides in a disagreement
right of deposit during the Spanish colonial period the ability to store goods in a warehouse in New Orleans before loading then onto ocean goinig vessels
siege a situation that occurs when armed forces try to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it
treason the crime of trying to overthrow the government of ones state or country
treaty of Fountainbleu a treaty in which France kept Louisiana out of British hands by security transferring it to Spain before space peace negotiations ending the french and Indian war began
treaty of paris 1763 the treaty that formally ended the french and Indian war
vaqueros Spanish cowboys
Yo Solo Spanish for "I Alone'
surveyor one who measures and marks off boundary lines to establish land ownership.
GENS DE COULEUR LIBRE free people of color
REFUGE protection from danger or distress
SUBSIDISE to grant money towards a useful cause
MALAGUENOS people who came to Louisiana from Malaga, Spain
Treaty of Paris 1783 the agreement that ended the American Revolution and made the United States an independent country.
Created by: asimien907
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