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Chp 14 Test Review

War between the States

According to the textbook, what was the central issue that sparked the Civil War? States’ rights
What was one of the South’s primary advantages at the outset of the Civil War? better commanders
What was the South’s basic strategy for victory during the Civil War? to outlast the North’s will to fight
Where did most of the fighting occur in the East Virginia
What general played a critical support role in all the following Confederate victories: First Manassas, Seven Days’ Battles, Second Manassas, and Chancellorsville? Stonewall Jackson
What event made the North realize that the Civil War would not be quickly over? First Battle of Manassas
. The significance of the clash between the Monitor and the Merrimac was that the age of wooden ships began to come to a close
Which campaign did the North lose more major battles than the South, the Union army reached the outskirts of Richmond, and the Southern troops were outnumbered during the campaign? Peninsular Campaign
What was the most significant outcome of Joseph E. Johnston’s attack at Fair Oaks outside Richmond? Robert E. Lee was promoted to command the army
What battle was the first clear-cut defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia? Battle of Gettysburg
Why did the North attempt to capture the Mississippi River The Mississippi divided the Confederacy
What Union general once left the army because of alleged drunkenness? Ulysses S. Grant
During what daring campaign did Grant cut his army off from his supply bases to surprise his enemy? Vicksburg
What caused a major riot in New York in 1863? conscription
A border state was a slave state that did not secede
.What were Copperheads? Southern sympathizers in the North
What event almost brought Britain into the war? Trent affair
What was Grant’s greatest defeat? Battle of Cold Harbor
Why did Grant continue to fight after suffering so many losses in the eastern campaigns of 1864-1865 He knew he could replace his losses, but the South could not
The capture of what city insured Lincoln’s reelection in 1864? Atlanta
The effort to blockade the South and capture the Mississippi River Anaconda Plan
The North’s main army in the East Army of the Potomac
Southern ironclad that threatened to break the blockade Merrimac
Northern ironclad with revolving gun turret Monitor
Early, unsuccessful attempt to capture the Southern capital Peninsular Campaign
Diversion on two Union armies with a small Confederate force Valley Campaign
The South’s main army in the East Army of Northern Virginia
Continual fighting in the woods north of Richmond Wilderness Campaign
Sherman’s destruction of Georgia March to the Sea
First major land battle of the Civil war First Battle of Manassas
The South’s successful defense of its Capital Seven Days’ Battles
Resulted in the Emancipation Proclamation Battle of Antietam
End of the South’s offensive capabilities Battle of Gettysburg
Opened Tennessee to invasion Forts Henry and Donelson
Grant’s army caught “napping” Battle of Shiloh
Loss of “the nailhead” that held the South together Siege of Vicksburg
Effort to capture the rail center feeding Richmond Siege of Petersburg
Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia Appomattox Court House
What famous speech did Lincoln give to dedicate a war cemetery for one of the bloodies battles of the Civil War? Gettysburg Address
What is the name for the Southern merchant ships that brought supplies to Southern ports in spite of the blockade? Blockade Runners
What is the name for the compulsory enrollment of men into military service? Conscription
What state was unconstitutionally admitted into the Union during the Civil War? West Virginia
Created by: CoachSimpson