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9.1-9.2 Vocab Quiz

9.1-9.2 Terms

Samuel F.B Morse Man who built electromagnetic telegraph
specialization raising one or two crops for sale rather than a variety for personal use
Market Revolution People buying and selling goods rather than using them
Capitalism economic system where private individuals control means of production and use to earn profit
entrepreneurs person who organizes and assumes risk of business venture
telegraph device for electrical transmission of coded messages over wires
John Deere Blacksmith who invented steel plow
Cyrus McCormick Mechanical reaper inventor
54;40 or Fight slogan used in 1844 Presidential campaign as a call for the US annexation of Oregon Territory
Brigham Young Joseph Smith's successor who decided to move Mormons beyond US boundaries
Joseph Smith one of the Mormon leaders
Mormons members of church founded by Joseph Smith and associates in 1830
Manifest Destiny 19th century belief that US would eventually expand into present day Mexico and closer to Pacific Ocean
Treaty of Fort Laramie treaty requiring Sioux to live on reservation along Missouri River
Santa Fe Trail route from Independence, MO to Santa Fe, NM used by traders in 1800's
Oregon Trail Independence, MO to Oregon City, OR used by pioneers traveling to Oregon Territory.
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