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ER verbs

ajouter to add
arracher to pull out
attraper to catch
baisser to lower
bavarder to chat
blesser to bless
briller to shine
briser to break, smash
causer to cause
cacher to hide
cesser to stop
chauffer to heat
compter to count
crier to shout
déchirer to tear
demeurer to live
dépenser to spend (money)
diviser to divide
douter to doubt
durer to last
échouer to fail
éclater to burst
emballer to wrap up
empêcher to prevent
emprunter to borrow
enchanter to delight
enregistrer to record
enseigner to teacher
entourner to surround
envelopper to wrap
épouser to marry
éternuer to sneeze
étonner to astonish
éveiller to awaken
éviter to avoid
féliciter to congratulate
fonctionner to function
frotter to rub
gater to spoil
gronder to scold
jurer to swear
laisser to leave
louer to rent
macher to chew
manquer to lack
meler to mix
meriter to deserve
ordonner to order
oser to dare
oter to remove
pecher to fish
pousser to push
preter to lend
prier to pray
prouver to prove
quitter to leave
remarquer to notice
remercier to thank
remporter to bring back
ramasser to pick up
saluer to greet
sauter to jump
sauver to save
sejourner to stay
sembler to seem
siffler to whistle
signer to sign
soigner to take care of
sonner to ring
souhaiter to wish
tacher to try
Created by: kayciemarie