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Social Studies Unit5

Social Studies Unit 5 Test

Taught that absolute right and wrong did exist. Socrates
What was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world? The lighthouse of Alexandria
He was the chief god of the Greeks. Zeus
Taught that happiness, the goal of life, came from spending time with friends. Epicurus
He wrote plays that poked fun at politicians and encouraged the audience to think. Aristophenes
He tried to warn the Athenians that Philip II was a threat to them. Demosthenes
Who built one of the greatest cities of the ancient world and named it after himself. Alexander the Great
Who is "the father of history"? Herodotus
Studied how points, lines, angles, and planes relate to one another. Euclid
Was a dramatist who questioned traditional thinking about war. Euripides
Who wrote the Odyssey? Homer
What did Aristotle teach his students to follow? The golden mean
Movies and plays would be modern examples of... Drama
Philip II defeated the Greeks at the Battle of... Chaeronea
What are some examples that the Hellenistic Era produced. New Greek cities, military settlements, and added government officials
Who was sentenced to death for his teachings? Socrates
Where is the library that attracted scholars from all over the world? Alexandria
What did the astronomer Aristarchus teach about the sun? The sun was the center of the universe
Whose armies conquered the land as far east as modern Pakistan? Alexander the Great
Believed that the human mind could understand everything. Philosophers
Alexander's empire extended to which river in the east? The Indus River
Which body of water bordered Alexandria's empire on the west? Mediterranean Sea
Which city of Alexander's empire was in Egypt? Alexandria
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