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lms 8 history

unit 6 - society and culture before the civil war

what was the main crop grown in the south in the 1860's cotton
how did jailing debtors hurt their chances for repaying their debt they were unable to work or repay the debt they owed
how did fredrick douglas help the abolitionist movement by lecturing about slavery
what invention caused the rise in cotton production the cotton gin
why did the south have fewer industries than the north with the money the investors bought more land and slaves to increase their profits
the quakers believed what that set them apart from other religions in the colonies that all people are equal
why is the seneca falls convention important it is where women publicly demanded equal rights
what did many american artists of the mid 1800's seek to convey in their artwork appreciation of american people and landscapes
how did the headright system effect slavery it expanded slavery by encouraging more people to buy more slaves in order to gain more land
why did the women's movement use the declaration of independence in the declaration of sentiments and resolutions to show that the rights men fought for are the same that women are fighting for
the industrial revolution in the US led to the formation of labor unions, hazardous living conditions in growing cities, but did not do this for free african americans increased the employment opportunities
how did the spinning jenny increase thread production because it was built to spin more than one spool of thread at a time
many of the children of the middle of the nineteenth century did what during the day worked in factories or fields
the lowell mills were located along what for power a river to power the mill
why did many german and irish immigrants come to america they came for economic opportunities
native americans slaves were replaced with african slaves due to the belief that they were less likely to die from european diseases
why did quakers and other religious leaders in the north oppose slavery they believed that it was a sin to own another person
what is suffrage the right to vote
the nativist wanted america to be a white american world without any immigrants
the majority of the south was made up of small farmers
the hudson river school of art valued what vivid landscapes in the northeast
thomas hooker acted on his want for a colony with strict limits on government by settling the town of hartford and establishing representative government
the temperance movement wanted to prevent the abuse of alcohol
horace mann contributed to the reform in education by applying pressure to the state legislature to provide money for new schools and increase teacher pay
why did the irish immigrate to the united states in the nineteenth century the potato famine, to escape starvation
what was the main purpose of the underground railroad to bring slaves to the north where slavery had been abolished
why did horace mann want to reform the american education system it would help people become better christians
how was william penns colony of pennsylvania different from other colonies because the colonists treated the american indians there with respect
Created by: stallarita
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