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In Trouble

Story about snow

What does Alleviate mean? to lessen or relieve
What does Chronological mean? in order by time
What does anachronism mean? an error in time placement
What does contemporary mean? happening at the same time or modern
What does contention mean? argument
What does chagrin mean? displeasure
What does exaltation mean? praise
What does steeped mean? To let soak
What does equal mean? being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.
What does equate mean? consider (one thing) to be the same as or equivalent to another.
What does equation mean? the act of equating or making equal; equalization:
What does equator mean? the great circle of the celestial sphere whose plane is perpendicular to the axis of the earth.
What does equiangular mean? having all the angles equal.
What does equilateral mean? having all its sides of the same length.
What does equinox mean? the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length.
What does equivalent mean? equal in value, amount, function, meaning, etc.
What does hemisphere mean? half of the terrestrial globe or celestial sphere, especially one of the halves into which the earth is divided.
What does semiannual mean? occurring twice a year; half-yearly.
What does semiarid mean? characterized by very little annual rainfall, usually from 10 to 20 inches
What does semicircle mean? half of a circle; the arc from one end of a diameter to the other.
What does semiconscious mean? only partially conscious.
What does semiformal mean? an event at which semiformal attire is expected.
What does semisweet mean? slightly sweetened, but less so than normal.
What does semiweekly mean? occurring twice a week.
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