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WWII Vocab


Adolf Hitler Leader of Germany and creator of the Nazi party
Blitzkrieg Hitler's lightning war the used speed and firepower to over run the enemy
Lend-Lease This allowed the US to sell weapons to Great Britain and/or other countries without getting involved in the war
Non Aggression PAct Agreement between Russia and Germany that if Russia allowed Germany to attack Poland Russia would then get part of Poland
Kristallnacht The night the Nazis attacked Jewish Businesses and synagogues- also called "night of the Broken glass"
Munich Agreement Chamberlain gave Hitler the Sudetenland to keep the peace. Hitler agreed to not invade other countries for this.
Mussolini Leader of Italy
Hirohito Leader of Japan
Franco Leader of Spain
Aryans Hitler's master race
Totalitarianism Type of government where a leader has total control
Churchill Leader of Great Britain- 2nd leader
Stalin Leader of Russia
Chamberlain Leader of Great Britain- 1st leader
Democracy US style of government- freedom
Communism Russia's style of government- makes everyone equal
Anti-Semitism Prejudice and discrimination against Jews- wanted to keep Jews separate from the Aryans
Lebensraum "living space"
Spanish Civil War Hitler made this war in Spain into a dress rehearsal for war- he gave them weapons to try out
Royal Air Force Great Britain's air force
Nazism Germany's style of government
Luftwaffe Germany's air force
Appeasement Giving in to one's demands to keep the peace
Battle of Britain An air battle that was fought between Great Britain and Germany over the English Channel- showed Hitler could be stopped
Facism Italy's style of government
Isolationism Staying out of other's problems
Interventionism Get involved in other's problems
Monarchy Japan's style of government
FDR Leader of the United States
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