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What are the element of cultural diversity? Language, religion, ethnicity, and food
Ethnicity is a core element of culture that individuals always carry around them.
What is the most numerous ethnicity in the US? Latino/Hispanic American
Define Race. Identity with a group of people descended from a biological ancestor.
Define Rascism. ▪biological classification of people ▪superiority of groups because of race identity ▪inferiority of other groups because of racial identity
What is the difference between a race and an ethnicity? Ethnicity is identity with a group of people who share the cultural traditions of a particular Homeland or hearth while the definition of race involves genetically transmitted traits.
What is another name/label for Hispanics? Latino/Latina
Native Americans and Alaskan natives together make up what percentage of the total United States population? 1%
African Americans are clustered in what area of the United States? Southeast
Asian Americans are clustered in what area of the United States? West
Latinos and Hispanics are clustered in what areas of the United States? Southwest and west
Where are the largest portion of Asian Americans from? China
How is ethnic identity for Descendants from European immigrants primarily preserved? Through Religion and food
In the ___ century, most ___ and ___ Americans are/were children or grandchildren of immigrants 21st, Asian, Hispanic
African-Americans and Hispanics are highly clustered in ___. By the late Twentieth Century most of the children and grandchildren of European immigrants had moved from the original inner-city Enclave to ___. Urban Enclaves, the suburbs
Where is the ethnic Heritage of most African-Americans rooted? In the forced migration from Africa
Why did African-Americans migrated out of the American South? Increased Farm mechanization led to decreased demand for farm labor
What is the most dramatic change in the geographic distribution of African Americans in the United States? Relocation to Northern cities
What was the population density from African American ghettos from 1910 to 1950? It increased.
What did the ships Bound for Europe Carrie as a part of the triangular trade? Rum and molasses.
What did most African Americans freed from slavery during the 19th century? They remained in the South and worked as sharecroppers
How was the expansion of clusters known as African American ghettos made possible? "White flight"
How was "separate but equal" established? The court case Plessy vs. Ferguson
What were the results of Plessy vs. Ferguson? The separate but equal doctrine of racial equality and Jim Crow laws
What was the ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education? A second Supreme Court case that took separate schools for blacks and whites that were known unconstitutional and desegregated the schools.
What was Apartheid? Laws that are no longer in use that separated the different races into different Geographic areas.
What was the South African government able to do under apartheid? Creates Homeland for blacks to legitimize discrimination
What was the Supreme Court legal justification of Plessy versus Ferguson in upholding the Louisiana law that required black and white passengers to ride in separate Railway cars? I provided separate but equal treatment for blacks and whites (Made it legal to separate races.)
What is the legal separation of races into different Geographic areas known as, in South Africa? Apartheid
Define nationalism. ▪loyalty and devotion to a nationality ▪can have a negative impact ▪centripetal force (pulls people together) ▪symbolized by flags and songs
Define nationality. A group of people tied to a place through legal status and tradition.
Why are geographers concerned with ethnicity?
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