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History Timeline

U.S. History - Europe - Summer 1914

June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand (A - H) assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrila Princip
July 2, 1914 Proof that assassination was a plot by the Black Hand, headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia
July 4, 1914 A-H asks Germany to support her in any actions A-H takes against Serbia; Germany (Wilhelm II) agrees ("blank check")
July 23, 1914 A-H issues an ultimatum to Serbia to be answered within 48 hours
July 25, 1914 Morning: Serbia plans to accept the A-H ultimatum. Afternoon: Serbia rejects the ultimatum. Serbia mobilizes its forces against A-h
July 26, 1914 A-H mobilizes its forces against Serbia. Russia issues a partial mobilization (secret). France and U.K. initiate peace talks; Germany declines.
July 28, 1914 Austria - Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia prepares for full mobilization. "Willy-Nicky" telegrams begin.
July 29, 1914 Thanks to Willy-Nicky telegrams, Russia (Nicholas II) stops full mobilization plans.
July 30, 1914 Austria warships begin bombardment of Belgrade. France and U.K. continue to seek peace. Wilhelm II learns of and condemns Russia's partial mobilization.
July 31, 1914 A-H mobilizes against Russia. Nicholas II changes his mind and orders a full mobilization against A-H. Germany issues two ultimata: 1) to Russia, to stop mobilization; 2) to France, to stay neutral if Germany and Russia go to war
August 1, 1914 Russia and France both reject the ultimata from Germany. Germany declares war on Russia. Wilhelm II tries to redirect mobilization away from France to allow for negotiations with France; General von Moltke denies such a change is possible.
August 2, 1914 Germany issues an ultimatum to Belgium to use Belgium in its plan to attack France.
August 3, 1914 Germany declares war on France. Belgium rejects Germany's ultimatum. Germany declares war on Belgium. German soldiers invade Luxembourg & Belgium
August 4, 1914 United Kingdom issues an ultimatum to Germany to leave Belgium. Germany rejects the ultimatum. U.K. declares war on Germany.
August 5, 1914 A-H declares war on Russia.
August 12, 1914 U.K. and France declare war on A-H.
Created by: bgpalmers