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Atlantic S.A.

vocabulary Atlantic S.A.

estuary A partially enclosed body of water where salty water seawater and freshwater mix.
soil exhaustion The loss of soil nutrients needed by plants.
Pampas A wide, grassy plains region in central Argentina.
Amazon River Major river in South America.
Brazilian Highlands Region of old, eroded mountains in southeastern Brazil.
Brazilian Plateau Area of upland plains in southern Brazil.
Patagonia Arid region of dry plains and windswept plateaus.
Tierra del Fuego Group of islands at the southern tip of South America.
Parana River Major river system in southeastern South America.
Paraguay River River that divides Paraguay into two separate regions.
Rio de la Plata Estuary between Argentina and Uruguay in South America.
landlocked A country completely surrounded by land, with no direct access to the ocean.
Montevideo The capital of Uruguay.
Asuncion The capital of Paraguay.
favelas Huge slums that surround some Brazilian cities.
Rio de Janeiro Major port in southeastern Brazil.
Sao Paulo Brazil’s largest city.
Macumba Religion that comes from African, Indian, and Catholic religious ideas and practices.
vatapa An African dish that mixes seafood, sauces and red peppers.
feijoada Traditional Saturday stew of Brazilians made of black beans and meat.
encomienda A system in which Spanish monarchs gave land to Spanish colonists in the Americas; landowners could force Indians living there to work the land.
gauchos Argentina’s cowboys.
Mercosur A trade organization that includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and two associate members, Bolivia and Chile.
Buenos Aires Capital of Argentina.
parrillada Parrillada is sausage and steak served on a small grill.
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