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chapters 14&15

With land abundant,many southerners went to ______ with their slaves to farm _______. Texas and cotton
Texas was not under U.S. but controlled by ______. Mexico
_______ fought _______ and finally gained _______ after long bloody battles. Texas fought Mexico and gained independence
Who was the Presidnt Texas? Sam Houston
U.S. would not let Texas become a state because..... They had fear of up setting Mexico and equal balance of 13/13 free/slave.
Who was a slave state? Arkansas
Who was a free state? Michigan
Americans continued to move ______ seeking ______. west and opportunity
What was a driving force? greed
A belief shared by many Americans in the mid 1800's that the continent to the Pacific Ocean. manifest destiny
_______or_______,many Mexicans and indians who had been there for centuries. displaced or killed
The Mexican War and the Spanish American War were fought primarily to gain _______. land
Settlers moved west using various..... overland routes
Name 2 major routes. California and Oregon Trails
When did the journeys begin? late spring
Created by: annas