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Social studies

Unit 8 vocab quiz

Definition Answer
A small grayish long shouted beetle that attacked the cotton plant. Boll weevil
A lack of precipitation over a period of time that results in water shortages. Drought.
A severe economic downturn that began with the stock market crash of 1929 and lasted until WWll. Great Depression.
A set of programs and policies designed to promote economic recovery and social reform introduced during the 1930's. New Deal
One of the new deal programs that provided jobs for young, single men to build forest trails, roads, planting trees, and refreshing the land. Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC)
One of the new deal programs that paid farmer to produce less cotton, corn, wheat, rice, and milk. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
One of the new deal programs that provided funds to farmers' cooperatives to help them extend 6heir power lines. Rural Electrification.
One of the New deal programs created to help retirement and unemployment insurance. Social Security.
The system where equipment and services were provided for countries fighting Germany during WWll. Lend-lease Act.
Naval base located in Hawaii that was attacked by Japan, leading to the U.S joining the war. Pearl Harbor
Corporation that built B-29 bombers during world war 2 at its Marietta, GA plant Bell Aircraft
Location where Georgians built "liberty ships" during World War 2. Savannah and Brunswick
Served as Georgia state legislator and governor and a senator in the U.S senate. Richard Russell.
Represented the U.S House of Representatives. Carl Vinson
The killing of Jews and others Durbin World War 2, by Nazi Germany, led by dolt Hitler. Holocaust
President who created the New Deal programs. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Location where FDR visited to help treat his polio. Warm Springs, GA
Created by: Easy80
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