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Chapter 18 Review

Chapter 18 Test Review

What was the significance for having the golden spike driven into the transcontinental railroad? It was where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroad lines met
What was a major characterization of a boomtown in the West. sudden, rapid growth of the town
What was the transcontinental railroad built to connect. the eastern U.S. to the west
What pushed the western boundary of the American frontier to the Pacific Ocean after the Civil War. annexation of the state of California to the United States
Who were the main users of the Chisholm Trail and why? cowboys used the Chisholm Trail to drive cattle to Abilene Kansas
What was the main activity of a cowboy? driving cattle
What invention contributed to the end of the Open Range? barbed wire
How did the Plains Indians survive? hunting buffalo
Why was the Massacre at Wounded Knee significant? it was the worst defeat the suffered in the Great Plains
What was the government's intentions of establishing reservations for the Plains Indians? get the Indians off of the land so the settlers could use their land for mining and ranching
Why did Custer insist that the Sioux give up their reservation land in the Black Hill? his troops had discovered gold there and he did not want the Indians to get to the gold
What was the Treaty of Fort Laramie? it was the first major treaty between the U.S. government and Plains Indians
Who did the Plains Indians call the buffalo soldiers? the African American calvary
What is a reservation (in the context of the history of the west)? a tract of public land set aside for Native Americans
What led to the Long Walk of 1864? raids by the U.S. troops left the Navajo without food and shelter, forcing them to surrender
Who was Sarah Winnemucca? she gave lectures on problems of the reservation system
Who were the Exodusters? former slaves who moved from the South to Kansas
What was dry farming? growing of crops that do not need irrigation
What was the main cause for the economic deflation of the late 1800s? the money supply grew more slowly than the nation's population
The National Grange was an organization created on behalf of _____________. farmers
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