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Population & Migrate

Population Density The average number of people per square mile in a country or state
Population Pyramid A picture that shows the distribution of age groups in a country's population
Refugee When a person flees their country due to fear of persecution, war, or political oppression
Urban Sprawl Using rural land to expand the city
Crude Death Rate number of deaths per 1000 in a given year in a country
Zoning Keeps apartments, homes, factories and businesses separate from each other
Total Fertility Rate Average number of of live births per woman in her lifetime
Infant Mortality Rate Number of infants who die out of 1000 in their first year of life
Crude Birth Rate number of live births per 1000 in a given year in a country
Eminent Domain When the government requires you to sell your land to them for government needs (Ex- building a road)
Gentrification When middle class or wealthy people renovate and rebuild run down places
Stage 1 High birth rates and high death rates- about equal
Stage 2 High birth rates and low death rates
Stage 3 Low death rates and declining birth rates
Stage 4 Low birth rates and Low death rates
Stage 5 Low death rates and even lower birth rates
Population Density Formula Population divided by land area
Immigrants People that come into a new country
Emmigrants People leaving their home country
Push Factor Something that would push you away from a place - make you want to leave
Pull Factor Something that would pull you into a new place- make you want to come there
Urbanization When large numbers of people move into cities
Naturalization process of becoming a citizen
Green Card Allows you to be in the U.S on a permanent basis but does not give a person citizenship
Visa Temporary pass that allows a person to be in the U.S.
Concentric Zone Model City grows from the center ring in a series of rings
Sector Model City develops in a series of sectors
Multiple Nuclei Model City has more than 1 center around which activities revolve
Asia Continent that has the most people
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