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Chapter 15 Section 1

Hunting-Gathering Societies

What is the oldest form of social organization in the world? Hunting-Gathering Societies
What do Hunting-Gathering Societies do unlike other societies? They have their own languages and their own hunting techniques.
Who is an example of a Hunting-Gathering Society in Africa? The Efe
Where do the Efe reside? They live in the Dominican Republic of Congo in the Ituri Forest
How many people make up an Efe society? 10 to 100 people all of whom are related.
Who did the hunting in the Efe societies? The Men
Who did the gathering in the Efe societies? The Women
Who serves as the group leaders? Respected males
What is a lineage? People with common ancestors.
What is a stateless society? A society with groups of lineages as the leaders instead of rulers.
What does patrilineal mean? The tracing of one's ancestry through her father.
What does matrilineal mean? The tracing of one's ancestry through her mother.
How is an age-set-system Beneficial? It groups people with their age so they can become better leaders.
When did Muhammad die and why was Muhammad impotent? He died in 632 A.D. and was a leader of the Islamic religion.
In 670 who ruled Egypt and how did they come to rule ? Muslims ruled and came to rule by attacking egypt
Is Islamic law still used in today's world if so where is it used? Yes, it is still used and in Africa
what were the two Berber groups that founded empires that united the Maghreb under Muslim rule? the Almoravids and the Almohads
In the 1050s who made an effort to spread Islam through conquest? Ibn Yasin
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