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Progressive Era

Social Studies-Grade 8-Progressive Era

Muckrakers People who write or draw about the bad in things through newspapers, magazines, or books
Lincoln Steffens Wrote “Shame of the cities”
Jacob Riis Wrote “How the other half lives” about immigration and slums
Upton Sinclair Wrote “The Jungle”about the meat packing industry
Ida Tarbell Wrote about the unfair business practices of standard oil (McClures Magazine)
Grover Cleveland President that signed the Interstate Commerce Act
Benjamin Harrison President that prohibited trusts or other businesses from limiting competition (Sherman Anti Trust Act) which led to many problems in the court system
William McKinley President that had Teddy Roosevelt as the VP. Got assassinated
Teddy Roosevelt VP that became president and believed in good and bad trusts
Chester A. Arthur Passed the Civil Service Act- which made people take exams for federal jobs
Woodrow Wilson A progressive democrat and didn’t split his votes like Roosevelt and Taft did
Rutherford B. Hayes First president to take action against the spoils system
Howard Taft President that broke up many trusts and set up new safety regulations. Last to have a cow in the white house
Alice Paul Marched on to the white house for women’s suffrage
Carry Nation Woman a part of the temperance movement
Susan B. Anthony One of many women who started the women’s suffrage movement
Carrie C. Catt Reporter and principal who helped get women to vote in western states
Referendum Allowed to vote the bill into law at the next election
Recall Voters can remove an elected official from office
Initiative Gave voters the right to put a bill directly before legislature. (for the people)
Primary When voters choose their party’s candidate for the general election
16th Amendment- Income Tax Gave congress the power to impose income tax
17th Amendment- Senate People can elect direct officials of senators
18th Amendment- Alcohol Gave the right for alcohol
19th Amendment- Women right for women to vote
Thomas Nast Cartoonist that drew negative political cartoons about Tweed
William Marcy Tweed Product of Tammany hall and stole/cheated money
Gilded age Another word for the progressive era (coined by Mark Twain)
Second Coming of Democracy Another word for the progressive era
Tammany Hall (Political machine) place/machine where democrats vote
Sherman Anti-Trust act Act that prohibited trusts, pools, or monopolies
Pure Food and Drug Act Required food and drug makers to list ingredients on their packages
Meat Inspection Act Act in which a certain amount of meat is inspected before being shipped off
Interstate Commerce Act Act that regulates RR
New Freedom Breaks up trusts into smaller companies to restore competition
Name the two political symbols for the Republican and Democratic Party -Democratic Donkey -Republican Elephant
Who started the spoils system? Andrew Jackson
Where was most voting done during the early 1900’s? Bars/Pubs
What is Prohibition? To forbid something/ to ban
Who is Charles Guiteau? Assassinated President Garfield
Who assassinated William McKinley? Leon Czolgosz
Who wrote “Up From Slavery”? This person also established the Tuskegee Institute. Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. Dubois created this organization for African Americans? (NAACP) National Association for the advancement of colored people
President Roosevelt signed this agreement with Japan to lessen the amount of Japanese workers entering the country. Gentlemen’s Agreement
What was the square deal? Deal Roosevelt gave to farmers, consumers, workers, and owners to have an equal opportunity to succeed
Adamson Act Act that gave RR workers 8 hr work days
Temperance Movement Movement against alcohol which led to violence and hardship.
Jim Crow Laws Segregation in money aspects that gave low paying jobs
Ida B. Wells Wrote a book about misfortune called “Free Speech”
Clayton Anti Trust Act Act that strengthened the Sherman Anti Trust Act
Created by: megthecow123