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Russia/Europe test

russia/europe social studies test - 6th grade

Largest country of former Soviet Union Russia
Capital of Russia Moscow
What country is less than 100 miles of the northern tip of Russia Usa
What separates european asian Russia Ural mountains
What year did the Soviet Union collapse 1991
How many countries did the sovirt union break up into 15
Another name for Soviet Union USSR
Type of government the Soviet Union had in the early 1900s Comunist
First leader of Soviet Union Lenin
Soviet leader of Soviet Union that helped end communisum Gorbachev
How may members does the EU have 27
Why does the EU celebrate May 9th as Europe day A important speech was made to bring peace to Europe
How many years did WWII last 6 years
What are the 2 cultural symbols did the EU create Flag, and Anthem
Why was the EU formed To unite countries that have been torn apart by war
What was the main goal of the EU To bring peace, and prosperrity
What is the name of the name of the deepest lake in the world and in Russia Lake Baikl
What two EU countries do not accept euros Poland, and UK
In a Common Market nations reduce or remove what, also known as tarrifs Trade Barriers
What was then name of the French leader who made a speech to bring peace to Europe Robert Schuman
How many members are in the European Parliment 700
Who elects the members of the members of European Parliament The citizens of the European Union
What is a cold war A war with no shooting
another name for a king that used to rule Russia Czar
The european Commission is the executive body of the European Union - its main duty is: The European Union decisions are carried out.
Created by: renaetelford



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