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EC135 knowhow

As the stack name implies

Percentage TRQ AEO max takeoff power 78%
Percentage TRQ OEI max continuous power 89,5%
Percentage TRQ Transient dot 82%
Percentage RPM activating LOW RPM WARNING (pulsed tone) <95%
Percentage RPM activating HIGH RPM WARNING (gong) >106%
Percentage RPM activating flashing ROTOR RPM warning and continuous tone. (can not be switched off) >112%
At what temperature is the BAT TEMP warning acivated 70 C
With an engaged rotorbrake and a stilstanding rotor, is the caution ROTOR BRK on? No it has to come on the moment the rotor starts turning.
The main transmission is attached to the airframe by ..... (7 points) 4 ARIS (Anti Resonance Isolation System) dampers, 1 Side Load Strut (Y-strut) 2 Torque struts
In case of a torque strut failure, what keeps the gearbox in position and prevents a total failure of the ARIS mounts? The emergency stop.
When testing hydraulic systems pedal forces will increase when testing system.... 1
How much hydraulic fluid must be visible in the sight glass? It must be at least half full
If hydraulic system 1 fails, which SAS will be inoperative? P&R
Yaw SAS is controlled by .... and actuated by ... The FOG (fiber optical gyro) - Yaw actuator (SEMA)
Why is the Vne OEI 110 kts? Because the autorotational Vne is 90 kts. The difference can't be to be big in case of an engine failure.
How much dry operating time do the transferpumps have? 20 min
Enroute daling vereisten: - minimale vlieghoogte - positie - verkeer - communicatie - daling benen MSA gecontrolleerd? - VMC weersomstandigheden - radalts - 1000 ft hoogste hindernis bin 5nm / VMC omst en min 3 km vizz. - geconformeerd voor daling dmv VOR en Gps -geen conflict verkeer - ATC geinfond evt klaring - daling bij voorkeur gecontrld - vmc voor vfr klassr airspace - beide rad alts werkend.
In which supplytank is a foam core intergrated and how much does it reduce the fuel quantity? which results in a difference of how many minutes before completely dry. RH - 4kg - 1-2 minutes
what's technically the difference between the transfer pumps and the prime pumps? Nothing, except that the transfer pumps have a check valve and the prime pums don't.
what is the maximum rate flow for refuelling? 100L / minute
When no fire warning is evident and the EMER OFF SW is pushed, what will happen? Only the shut-off valve will close.
At what amount of kg's is the LOW indicitation (warning) triggered due to a shortage in the supplytanks? 28kg
Why is the maximum indicated amount in the main tank 448 kg, while the nominal max quantity is 452 kg? 4 kg can not be displayed because for crash safety the fuel sensors must not contact the fuel cell ceiling.
FUEL QTY FAIL caution indicates? One supply tank sensor or both main tank sensors fail.
FUEL QTY DEGR caution indicates?
What is the max gross mass?? 2910 kg
What kind of main rotor system does the EC 135 have? A bearingless main rotor
What's the Vne of the EC135? 160 kts
What's the Vne OEI? 110 kts
What's the Vne for a autorotation? 90 kts
Created by: Zeegerheid
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