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Jordyn Unit 2

Social Studies Unit 2

First governor of NJ William Livingston
Led the Continental Army to Victory and first US President George Washington
An unfair dislike of a group prejudice
Stereotyping can lead to conflict, True or False True
Who built the first steam-powered train in the US John Stevens
NJ delegate to the Constitutional Convention William Patterson
Explored NJ coast;first to encounter Lenape Henry Hudson
NJ woman known for her patriotic poetry;helped raise money to support Continental Army Annis Boudinot Stockton
Patriotic leader spoke out against British taxes; one of the US founding founders; known for his experiments with electricity Benjamin Franklin
Chief Writer of the Declaration of Independence; a former President Thomas Jefferson
The Treaty of Paris was signed in what year 1783
The Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776
What effect did the fur trade have on Dutch settlement in North America Dutch settlements were temporary; the Dutch wanted to get rich quick selling furs and return home
What caused the Dutch to build forts along major waterways The Dutch could easily ship furs back to Europe
Why did the Dutch start building permanent settlements The Dutch realized the reagion offered fertile and inexpensive land for farming
In 1492, he left Spain, sailing West, he thought he reached Asia but instead landed in North America Christopher Columbus
Why did Europeans want a new route to Asia They wanted a faster route to Asia
A settlement that is ruled by afar away government Colony
the need for a good or product by people willing to pay for it Demand
The amount of good that is offered for sale Supply
Italian explorer, the first to reach New Jersey Giovanni da Verrazano
Dutch town built on what is now Manhattan; the center of government for New Netherlands New Amsterdam
The practice of holding people against their will and forcing them to work Slavery
Swedish settlement along the Delaware River New Sweden
Brother of King Charles II of England; gave New Jersey its name James, Duke of York
Why did Europeans come to North America They wanted to live in a rich land with many trees, animals and minerals
How did the Lenape way of life change after the arrival of Europeans The Lenape lost their land, were subject to deadly diseases and had to move West to protect themselves and their culture
A line that divides one area of land from another Boundary
Owners Proprietors
The two owners of NJ Lord John Berkley and Sir George Carteret
Religious group who bought West Jersey; also known as the Society of Friends Quakers
Capital city of West Jersey Burlington
a person who wants to end slavery Abolitionist
A group of settlers who belonged to the Church of England who wanted a "purer" religion; settled in East Jersey Puritans
huge farms plantations
Capital city of East Jersey Perth Amboy
In a royal colony, a king or queen decides who governs, True or False True
This Queen reunited East and West Jersey into one royal colony Queen Anne
How many original colonies were there 13
The American Revolution ends in what year 1783
This act required colonists to pay a high tax on paper goods The Stamp Act
The French and Indian War begin in what year 1754
the lawmaking body of the British government Parliament
According to the colonists Britain had no right to tax them because they had no (blank) in Parliament representation
What year was the Stamp Act 1765
Why did the British tax colonists Britain had to recover their loses from the French-Indian War
To refuse to buy goods or services Boycott
The Boston Massacre occurred in what year 1770
An event where a group of colonists dumped British tea into the Boston Harbor Boston Tea Party
A formal meeting of representatives congress
volunteer armies malitia
A sudden, complete change of government revolution
The first battle of the American Revolution The Battle of Lexington
The Battle of Lexington occurred in what year 1775
Money owed to others Debt
Supporters of the British government Loyalists
Supporters of independence from Britain Patriots
A plan of government constitution
In this year the British capture New York City and three months later invade NJ 1776
The Battle of Trenton took place in what month and year December 1776
What gave Americans hope that they could win the war The victories at the Battle of Trenton and Princeton
What major battles were fought in NJ Battle of Monmouth, Trenton and Princeton
Where did British troops surrender Battle of Yorktown
In what year was the Battle of Yorktown 1781
Why did the colonies want independence from Britain No taxes without representation
In what year did the Constitutional Convention meet 1787
The US Constitution goes into effect 1788
How many delegates did NJ send 5
Another word for a state representative delegate
Lawmaking body legislature
The powers of the government are divided into how many parts 3
A NJ lawyer, that submitted the NJ plan William Patterson
An agreement in which each side gives up some of its wants compromise
Two houses of Congress Senate and House of Representatives
To approve Ratify
‘Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” William Prescott, Battle of Bunkerhill
What year was the British and French partake in the French and Indian War 1754
9 years later, Britain ends up with Canada and everything east of the Mississippi 1763
What year did the British impose the Stamp Act – tax on paper goods 1765
What year did the British tax Sugar and ‘other goods 1764
What Act was considered the final spark to the revolutionary movement in Boston The Tea Act
What year did the Boston Massacre occur 1770
Who encouraged colonists to boycott British goods. The Sons of Liberty
What year was the Boston Tea Party 1773
In retaliation, for the Boston Tea Party, What did the British do? The British government closed Boston Harbor
When and where did the First Continental Congress meet Philadelphia, September 1774
When was the Battle of Lexington – first battle of the American Revolution April 1775
When did the Second Continental Congress meet and voted to raise an army May 1775
When was the Declaration of Independence approved July 4th, 1776
When did George Washington meets the British troops in Yorktown, Virginia August 1781
When did the British troops surrender at Yorktown (last major battle of the American Revolution October 19, 1781
When was the Treaty of Paris signed, which was the end of the war September 1783
What year was Battle of Trenton Dec 1776
What year was Battle of Princeton Jan. 1776
What year was Battle of Monmouth June 1778
What were the Articles of Confederation A plan of government for the new Nation written by committee members of the Second Continental Congress
Who were the 5 NJ signers of the Constitution William Livingston, Jonathan Dayton, William Patterson, David Brearly
When did NJ ratify the Constitution 1789
How and Why was the new Constitution written The Constitutional Convention was called by leaders of the new nation, more than 50 of the nations leaders met to setup a stronger national government
Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution To limit the governments power
Synonym for change amendment
What is the Bill of Rights The first 10 changes to the Constitution
Which state did not attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia Rhode Island
School originally founded as the College of NJ in 1746 and is the 4th oldest college in the US Princeton University
ways to move people and goods from place to place transportation
Something that has been made for the first time invention
Helped develop the telegraph Alfred Vail
How did the steamboat change travel It allowed people and goods to travel faster
A road that costs money to use Turnpike
NJ first turnpike connected which 2 citites Morristown and Elizabeth
This water route provided a water route between the Upper Delaware River and the Hudson River The Morris Canal
This second water route linked Trenton and New Brunswick The Raritan Canal
What kind of goods did the boats carry on the canals coal and iron ore
By the 1830s, approximately how many people were living in New Jersey. 320,000
By the early 1830's, the Camden and Amboy Railroad was running between which two towns Camden and Perth Amboy
Within 30 years how many miles of railroad tracks did NJ have more than 500
a person who comes from another place to live in a country immigrant
Centers for Manufacturing Newark and Paterson
Why did NJ cities grow Transportation and manufacturing led to growth
How did new forms of transportation change NJ They allowed more goods to be shipped from NJ and new factories opened
How did canals help NJ manufacturing They allowed goods to be shipped faster
Shows the order in which events took place time line
a period of 10 years Decade
A period of 100 years Century
In what year is the colony of NJ created 1664
NJ became a state in 1776, True or False True
In what year did NJ become a royal colony 1702
Why were colonists encouraged to boycott British goods Unfair taxes and no representation in British Parliament
What was the last major battle of the American Revolution fought in NJ Battle of Monmouth COurt House
Created by: JordynTyler2507



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