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Izzy Quiz feb 5

Slavery quiz

How long had the African slave trade been going on before Africans were taken to Jamestown? The slave trade had been going on for 119 years before Africans in Jamestown.
What other countries besides the new American colonies were involved in the African Slave Trade? Portugal and West Africa
For what did plantation owners need cheap labor? They needed cheap labor for help to settle into the colonies.
What was 1 reason it why it was difficult to use Native Americans as a work force? They could easily escape so it was hard to keep them.
What is an indentured servant? An indentured servant is a servant that a landowner pays for the trip to America and the servant works for the landowner.
Advantages to native americans as labor work force already in america, easy to get too
Advantages to indentured servants as labor provided endless supply of labor and made England less crowded
Advantages to Africans as labor They were black so it was harder for them to escape. Forced to be slaves for life. Unfamiliar with the terrain (new land) The supply was endlesss.
Disadvantages to Native Americans as labor could easily escape, did not know how to work a plantation, were prone to diseases
Disadvantages to Indentured Servants as labor they were only temporary could easily run away bc of color
Disadvantages to Africans as labor none. :-(
Slavery began where??? Portugal
Slavery was introduced by a Dutch ship in Jamestown when? 1619
True or False. Slavery was already a part of the new America when the Dutch Ship landed in Jamestown in 1619? True
Who needed large amounts of cheap labor? Large plantation owners
What did plantations grow? rice, tobacco, and indigo
True or False. Men, Women, and Children were early indentured servants? True
For how long did an indentured servant have to work before being released? 4-7 years
From where did the first slave ship sail? Marblehead Massachusetts
What was the first slave ship's name? Desire
Who loves you so much they made you this quiz? your mommy!!!
Created by: Sra_Rose



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