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Chapter 11-12 Review

review of terms and concepts from chapter 11 and 12

Where did the United State's Industrial Revolution begin? New England
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What gives inventors sole legal rights to their invention and its profit? patents
Who was known as the "Great Compromiser"? Henry Clay
What are the separate canal compartments called where the water levels are raised or lowered? locks
What are "corduroy roads"? roads with logs laid side by side
What was the main point of the Monroe Doctrine? European oppression upon the newly independent nations of the Western Hemisphere will be treated as oppression against the US
What route did the National Road closely follow? military road built by George Washington
Who ceded Florida to the United States? Spain
What document created in 1823 became an important part of American foreign policy? Monroe Doctrine
Whose mill launched the factory system? Francis Cabot Lowell
Which 1824 presidential nominee was the son of a former president? John Quincy Adams
Who was the Seminole leader who went to war against the United States in an effort to keep his nation's lands? Osceola
Who led the federal troops that forced the Cherokee west on the Trail of Tears? Winfield Scott
An estimated 4,000 Cherokee died during this forced migration along a route the Cherokee called what? Trail Where They Cried
The territory to which Native Americans were forced to relocate is which state today? Oklahoma
To move to a new place is called relocate
Who was the Democrat-Republican candidate in 1828? Andrew Jackson
Who was inaugurated in 1837? Martin Van Buren
Where do state delegates choose candidates? nominating conventions
What affirmed that the federal government would not allow a state to completely rule itself? the Force Bill
Which state threatened to secede from the United States if forced to pay "illegal" tariffs? South Carolina
Created by: rhenson