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Terms (Test #1)

Terms for New Testament Sectional Test #1

Alexander Jannaeus third son of John Hyrcanus; married Salome Alexandra
Alexander the Great began world conquest and hellinization
Antiochus III defeated Ptolemy V at the battle of Panias
Antiochus IV persecuted Jews; "Abomination of Desolation" - enters the Holy of Holies, sets up an alter to Zeus
Antipas son of Herod the Great; Tetrarch, rules the longest of three sons
Antipater ethnarch of Palestine, granted Roman citizenship
Apocrypha intertestamental books written by Jewish authors
Archelaus son of Herod the Great; Ethnarch, brutal and tyrannical
Aristobulus II
autograph original
canon list of authoritative books; standard
exogesis to lead out of
hellenism the spread of Greek culture
hermeneutics interpretation of the bible
Herod the Great governor of Galilee; loyal to Rome
Hyrcanus II
John Hyrcanus
Jonathan Matthias's son; continues fight using diplomacy
Judas Matthias's son; succeeds his father in the fight for religious freedom
Julius Caesar
Marc Antony part of the second Triumvirate
Mattathias (retired priest) destroys the alter to Zeus starting revolt
Octavius (Augustus)
paraphrase preserves meaning; intended to clarify
pax Romana roman era of peace
Philip son of Herod the Great; Tetrarch, best leader of three sons
Philip II (of Macedon) united all the greek city-states
Pompey Roman general who ends the civil war b/t Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II
Salome Alexandra queen of Israel (during the Golden age of Judaism)
Samaritans half-Jews
Sanhedrin Jewish supreme court; absolute religious authority and political power
Seleucus Nicator
Simeon captured the Acra; acclaimed as ethnarch, also served as high priest
Stephen Langton archbishop responsible for chapter divisions in both Testaments
Stephanus responsible for verse divisions in the New Testament
translation involves a change of language; preserves wording
Vulgate latin translation of the entire Bible
Created by: NPEllis
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