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Jefferson Folder Q&A

Jefferson, Marbury v. Madison, Lewis and Clark, War of 1812

Warhawks Northwestern congressmen who wanted war with England prior to the War of 1812 due to ongoing English support of Indians along the frontier. Henry Clay and William Henry Harrison
Impressment The practice of capturing sailors on the high seas and forcing them to work for you.
Conscription Forcing individuals into military service.
Doctrine A driving philosophy or belief usually based on a written statement.
Judicial Review A legal precedent that affirmed the Supreme Court has the final say in the operations of government.
Nullification To make worthless
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Written by Jefferson and Madison as a statement of states' rights. Claimed states had the right to nullify hurtful federal laws.
Embargo To refuse to trade with a nation, as in the Embargo Act of 1807.
Marbury v. Madison The Supreme Court case that established judicial review
Alien and Sedition Acts Laws created under the presidency of John Adams that gave the president extreme power to determine who should be allowed to immigrate and outlawed sedition. Expired in 1803.
Precedent To establish a pattern for the future.
Corps of Discovery Name of the expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to the Louisiana Territory and beyond. Also known as the Voyage of Discovery.
Why did President John Adams pass the Alien and Sedition Acts? He was furious at the French and their attempt to bribe the USA during the XYZ Affair. The French said they would quit attacking US ships if the US paid them.
What was the primary purpose of the Lewis and Clark Voyage of Discovery? To find the Northwest Passage
Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Territory to the US? Napoleon was waging war in Europe and had lost Haiti after Toussaint L'Ouverture waged a successful slave rebellion.
What roles did Sacagawea play in the success of the Corps of Discovery? Diplomat, translator, guide, negotiator
Strict Constitutionalist People who believed if the Constitution did not state something could be done, it could not be done. Specifically, with regard to the creation of a national bank.
What were the causes of the War of 1812? 1. Warhawks wanted war against the Indians; 2. English were interfering with US ships and sailors on the high seas; 3. The Redstick Confederacy, under Tecumseh, was waging a successful war to stop the US from expanding
What were the results of the Adams-Onis Treaty? 1. USA gained Florida 2. An international border line was drawn along the US's southern and western border.
What was the Rush-Bagot Agreement? It created the border between Canada and the USA.
Who was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
During which battle was Tecumseh killed? Battle of the Thames
What was Tecumseh's brother's name? Tenskwatawa, or The Prophet
What treaty ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Who was one of the first Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, who remained in office for 34 years? John Marshall
Created by: ecaughlin