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Jackie & MLK

Jackie was born in _____________, GA. in 1919 Cairo
Jackie was known as one of the best ______________ in the country. athletes
In 1945, Jackie joined the ________________________. Kansas City Monarchs
At the time, only the white players could play in the Major League because baseball was ___________________. segregated
In 1947, Jackie joined the _________________________, a Major League Team. Brooklyn Dodgers
Jackie had the courage to not fight back and showed good __________________________. sportsmanship
In 1947, he was named the ____________________________ in the National League. Most Valuable Player
In 1955, Jackie helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win the ____________________________. World Series
In 1962, Jackie was elected to the ________________________________ in order to honor him for his years of great playing and for what he did to end segregation in baseball. Baseball Hall of Fame
Martin Luther King Jr. was born in _______________________ in 1929. Atlanta
____________________________ is equal treatment under laws. equality
MLK Jr attended ______________________________ in Atlanta, GA. Morehouse College
_______________________ is a type of protest in which a group of people stops using or buying something. boycott
_________________________________ refused to give up her seat on a bus and this started the Bus Boycott. Rosa Parks
The bus boycott lasted for ___________ year. one
___________________________________ is the name of MLK Jr's famous speech. I Have a Dream
MLK Jr received the __________________________ in 1964 for his work toward World Peace. Nobel Peace Prize
___________________ is the freedom from control by others. liberty
MLK Jr's protests were _______________________, without violence. non-violent
__________________________ is the National Holiday named for Martin Luther King Jr. MLK Day
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