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Ancient Inca

Where was the Inca empire located? 3, 000 miles down the west coast of South America From the Andes Mountains in the North to Chile
What are the Inca best known for? building temples, palaces and other buildings our of stone building stone roads building rope suspension bridges built all these things with out any plans or wheels used llamas to carry goods, but not able to carry the huge stones
How was Inca society organized? Upper Class Middle class Lower class
Who is upper class emperor's family, other nobles, and priests, relatives held top postiions in government - live a life of luxury
Who is middle class craftsmen with special skills, goldsmiths, stone cutters, weavers
Who are lower class Farmers, herders, fishermen - worked on land and required to work on projects for emperor
How did the Inca practice their religion? believed in creator god and many other gods related to nature believed in life after death celebrated religious holidays with dancing procession and sacrifices practiced human sacrifices only in times or disaster all social classes mummified
What is the Sun God called Inti - worshiped him to have good harvests
When was the Inca empire at its peak? In 1438 it began conquering other tribes Emperor Pachuti was the leader then at that time had about 10,000,000 people
What was the government like? at the head was the emperor - called sapa or just Inca many officials served under him - mostly relatives everyone had to follow his rules he appointed judges to carry out the laws believed he was family to the sun-god, so they worshiped him
Created by: DominicPelonzi