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The 1920's

Mr. Doerr's Class Chapter 12 and 13

Sacco and Vanzetti 2 "anarchists" executed for murder and robbery. Braintree MA 1920.
Communism a gov't that proposes gov't control over the economy and property to promote equality A nation of workers
Kellog-Briand Pact 1928 64 Nations sign treaty that outlawed war.
Teapot Dome Spectacular example of government corruption. Sec of Interior Albert Fall secretly leases oil to Sinclair Oil Company. President Harding not charged with corruption because he died suddenly in 1923.
President Harding President from 1921 to 1923. Republican. "Ohio Gang" were crooked politicians (Cabinet Members) who steal money.
President Coolidge President 1923 to 1928, Republican. A man of integrity (honesty). "Silent Cal" "The chief business of the American people is business."
Fundamentalism Protestant religous movement that believed the Bible is the source of truth.
Scopes Monkey Trial Evolution v. Creationism (fundamentalist). teaching religion in the public schools. The teacher was forbidden to teach evolution (science) because it contradict fundamentalist beliefs. Teacher found guilty and fined.
Boston Police Riots Labor. Gov. Coolidge fired the Boston Police who went on strike in 1919. Public safety officers can not strike. Upheld by Supreme Court.
Al Capone Bootlegger and crime syndicate leader of Chicago. Dies in jail for tax evasion (IRS).
speakeasies illegal saloons.
Assembly line Labor and Manufacturing. Speeding up factory production. Allows for mass production and low prices. Worker does not need to be skilled for repetitive job.
18th Admendment Prohibition 1920 - 1933
Bootlegging Illegal production, transportation, and or sale of alcohol
A Mitchell Palmer Special Assistant to J Edgar Hoover (FBI) during the Red Scare. He put communists, bolsheviks,and anarchists in jail. Most arrested were foreign born radicals and not guilty of any crime.
Red Scare Fear of Communism in America after the Russian Revolution. Keep those foreign troublemakers away.
Anarchists proponents of "no government" at all
Installment Plans Buying consumer goods with money down and then make monthly installments (payments)
Flappers emancipated ('free') young women who wears new fashions and attitudes Short dresses and smoking
Louis Armstrong Harlem Renaissance African American Jazz trumpet player
Henry Ford Auto Mobile Manufacturer. Revolutionized the assembly line. Made the Model T affordable (installment plans) for workers.
Demographics facts and #s about people. Where
Langston Hughes Harlem Renaissance's best known poet
Consumer Economy Free market system where supply and consumer demand sets the price of goods and services
The Lost Generation Returning WWI soldiers who never reentered American Society due to PTSD and alienation
KKK Used fear and intimidation to prevent African Americans from exercising their rights.
Great Migration During WWI African Americans move from the South to the North to work in Factory jobs made vacant by enlistment
Harlem Rennaissance Writers, Musicians, artists who influenced American culture
Disarmament Reducing the number of weapons countries had.
Isolationism Keep the US out of Foreign affairs. No League of Nations
Clarrence Darrow Lawyer (creationist) for Scopes (teacher)
WJ Bryan Lawyer (fundamentalist) for School District
eugenics sterilization of "unfit" individuals
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