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IL Constitution

How many senators and representatives are there in the Illinois General Assembly? 59 senators and 118 representatives
The General Assembly is which branch of the Illinois state government? the legislative branch
The governor of Illinois is the chief executive officer of the state and the commander in chief of the state militia
A three-fifths vote of both houses of the General Assembly is required to override the governor's veto
Article II of the Illinois Constitution divides the state government into three branches. This is known as separation of powers
How old must a person be to serve as governor of Illinois? 25 years old
The attorney general of the state of Illinois is the chief legal officer of the state
Interpreting the laws and deciding if people have followed the laws is the main duty of the judicial branch of Illinois government
How long must a person be a resident of Illinois before he or she can vote in Illinois? 30 days
How old must a person be to serve in the Illinois General Assembly? 21 years old
Amendments to the Illinois Constitution may be initiated by either house of the General Assembly
What would prevent a person from holding public office in Illinois? conviction of a felony conviction of bribery conviction of perjury
Who is next in line to serve as governor after the lieutenant governor? the attorney general
Which of the following is not a unit of local government: a city, a township, a county, a school district ? a school district
How long can the governor take to approve or veto a bill after it is sent to him? 60 days
After a bill is passed by the General Assembly, how can it become law? if the governor signs it if the governor fails to return it to the General Assembly within 60 days if both houses vote to override the governor's veto
The Illinois state income tax has the same rate regardless of income
Due process means that a person's rights cannot be taken away without a fair trial following procedures established by law
The presiding officer of the Illinois House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House
Appeals from circuit courts in Illinois are made to the the Illinois Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court when the death sentence is involved
Which state official must be from the same political party as the governor? the lieutenant governor
Making laws for the state of Illinois is the main duty of the legislative branch
Where is the Bill of Rights in the Illinois Constitution? in the first article of the Constitution
Before a bill can be sent to the governor, it must be passed by both the House and the Senate
If the governor is impeached, who presides at the trial? the chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court
Our current Illinois governor is Bruce Rauner
Our state senator from the 50th legislative district is Sam McCann
Our state representative from the 100th district is C.D. Davidsmeyer
The current Secretary of State is Jesse White
Who are the U.S. Senators from Illinois? Richard Durbin and Mark Kirk
Who is our U.S. Representative from Illinois? Darin LaHood
Created by: glister