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Ancient Greece 3rd G

Ancient Greece 3rd Grade

The Olympic Games first started in Greece in 776 B.C.
They named the Olympic Games after a city in Greece called Olympia
The different color medals given at the modern Olympics are gold, silver, and bronze
At the ancient Olympics, winners were given a crown or wreath made of olive branches
A large difference between ancient and modern Olympics is that ... no women were allowed to participate in ancient games.
The first Olympic Games in the U.S.A were in 1904 in St. Louis
Who was President when the U.S.A. first hosted the Olympic games? President Theodore Roosevelt
___ ___________ is someone born in Athens, Greece. An Athenian
Who was the Greek god that was the head of all other Greek gods. Zeus
A particular style or design of building is called ____________. Architecture.
Name the three types of columns: Doric (plain), Ionic (swirls or scrolls), and Corinthian (very fancy)
The architects of ancient Greece used columns and arches in the construction of their buildings
Democracy means "rule by the people".
Plain Doric
Swirls or Scrolls Ionic
Very Fancy Corinthian
Both Greece and America have this type of government. A Democracy
A government in which people vote DIRECTLY to make their own rules and laws is a_______ ________ Direct Democracy
A government where people vote for people to REPRESENT them to makes rules and laws is a ___________ ________ Representative Democracy.
The U.S. is a ____________ Democracy. Representative
Why is the U.S. a Representative Democracy? We have too many citizens to meet in one place like Ancient Greece did
Ancient Greece is a _______ Democracy . Direct
Why was Ancient Greece is a Direct Democracy ? they had smaller population so they could all meet in one place to make up their own laws instead of having a governor or president like the U.S
Where is Greece is located ? In the continent of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.
What is a peninsula? A peninsula is almost an island, but has one section attached to land.
Name 3 ways Greece influenced the United States of America. Democracy , Olympics and Architecture
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