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Use to study for local government test

Town legislative branch town council
City legislative branch city council
county legislative branch board of supervisors
County, town, and city can have this executive branch manager
city and town executive branch only mayor
what is the judicial branch on the local level run by. state courts
name the four elected officials who have to be in EVERY locality sheriff clerk of circuit court treasurer commissioner of revenue
An overall term that can describe a town, city, or county locality
A law on the local level ordinance
The county and city have it. The town does not. School Board
What are the responsibilities/powers of local government? enforce state and local laws • promote public health • protect public safety • educate children • protect the environment • regulate land use • levy and collect taxes
There is an outbreak of the mumps. This disease is affecting the local population because it was brought in from another country. Many students in schools are being hit hard by the disease. Health
England stops buying the products from several companies (like Hershey and Little Debbie) in the town. This means that people lose their jobs and the local stores begin to have a hard time staying open, since people cannot afford to shop. Economy
The city of Staunton is attacked. They bomb the courthouse in downtown. There are many people injured and killed. Safety
There is a big oil rig traveling on I64 through Waynesboro. The rig crashes and the truck topples over and oil goes everywhere. This causes major problems. It seeps into the ground environment
Created by: crosby1439
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