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The Federalist Era

US History Chapter 9 Study Guide

Answer Question
John Adams Who was the nation's first vice president?
freedom of speech What is one of the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights?
John Jay Who was the first chief justice of the United States?
federal court system The Judiciary Act of 1789 established which kind of legal system?
a national bank To help build a strong national economy, what did Hamilton ask Congress to create?
percedent a tradition
Thomas Jefferson First leader of the Department of State
speculator A person who risks money in order to make a profit.
western Pennsylvania In which region of the country did taxes on whiskey lead to a rebellion?
Ohio Around 1794, where did the British begin building a new fort?
Treaty of Greenville Which treaty opened most of Ohio to white settlers?
Proclamation of Neutrality What barred French and British warships from American ports?
Political Parties What did George Washington consider a grave danger to the new nation?
Whiskey Rebellion Tax protest
impressment forced into the British navy
neutrality Not taking sides
Pinckney's Treaty Agreement with Spain
Federalist Which political party stood for a strong federal government?
Republican Which party feared that a strong central government would endanger people's liberties?
John Adams Who was the second president of the United States?
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions What proposed a challenge to the constitutional authority of the national government?
treaty with France What divided the Federalists and hurt John Adams's chance for reelection?
X,Y,and Z President Adams referred to the three French agents who demanded a bribe and a loan from the Americans as ____________________.
president Hamilton was born in the British West Indies which means he could not become what?
a strong government Hamilton wanted what kind of government (remember he was a Federalist)?
small farmers This group was most hurt by the Whiskey Tax.
two How many terms did Washington serve?
John Jay Who was the Secretary of State under Washington who was sent to draft a treaty with the British?
Federalists and Republicans By the time that Adams becomes president these were the two established parties
France The X, Y, Z Affair involved representatives from what nation?
the cabinet They are a group of advisers to the president
bond Certificate that promises to repay money in the future
partisan firmly favoring one party or side
caucus a meeting of members of a political party to choose candidates for upcoming elections
aliens residents who are not citizens
sedition activities aimed at weakening the established government by inciting resistance or rebellion to authority
nullify to legally overturn
States' rights the idea that states should have all powers that the Constitution does not give the federal government or forbid to the states
Naturalization Act This act required that aliens be residents for 14 years instead of 5 before they became eligible for citizenship
Created by: Ms Plyler