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Social Studies Ch.19

Chapter 19

What made governing China as a unified state most difficult? China's large size
Who has the most people of all the countries of the world? China
Why did fewer people settle in Outer China? Because of the climate of Outer China was more extreme
Why is the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau the "Roof of the World"? Because it is very high above sea level.
What is the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau called? Roof of the World
Why did ancient people of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau herd yaks instead of growing crops? The region was too cold for crops
The cold and dry Tibet-Qinghai Plateau covered a large area of China and it bordered by the _________ to the south. Himalayas
There was only one way to survive life in the Taklimaken desert. What was that? on a very small scale would be if one lived on an oasis.
What made the Taklimaken desert one of the most dangerous deserts in the world? Sandstorms and shifting dunes
What made the Gobi desert different from the Taklimaken desert? The Gobi's surface was mostly covered in pebbles
How did Barren deserts protect Inner China? It protected them from invasion from the Northwest.
Several groups of invaders from the Northeastern Plain traveled to Inner China along a ______ _______ _____. Narrow coastal plain
In Inner China, floods improved what? the soil
The North China Plain was sometimes called the what? Land of the Yellow Earth
Why was the North China Plain called the Land of the Yellow Earth? because the limestone silt (pebbles) from the Gobi Desert covers the soil.
In the North China Plain, the Huang He River most influenced settlements near its banks by ___________ ___ ____; it attracted communities of farmers. Fertilizing the soil
Early settlers to inner china were able to farm rich silt laden from what river? Huang He River
(Look at bullet 17 on pink notes) Fertile and fields and this enabled settlers to stay in one place with _________ ________. Permanent Shelters
Because of the rich soil and ideal conditions for farming, Chinese civilization began in the _____ _____ _____. North China Plain
In ancient times, rain forest vegetation may have limited the space for farming and settlement in the _____ _____ ______ compared with that in the _____ _____ _____. Chang Jiang Basins & North China Plain
The Chang Jiang Basins has ____, ___, weather perfect for growing ____. warm, wet & rice
Mountains in the Southwest with their cold climates and deserts in the _________ served as ________ that kept ancient Chinese settlers isolated from other parts of the world. Northwest & barriers
The natural vegetation of the ____________ _____ affected the lives of ancient settlers because prairie grass provided food for ______ and _____. Northeastern Plain & horses and sheep.
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