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The Indus River Valley

Where is the Indus River? It is located in India. The continent of Asia. Also known as the "subcontinent of Asia".
Where does the Indus River start? It starts in the high snow covered mountains of the Himalayan Mountains, Mount Everest and flows southwest into the Arabian Sea.
What is a subcontinent? It is a large land mass that is "geographically" separated from the rest of the main continent.
Is India considered a subcontinent? Yes, is on the continent of Asia. The Himalayan Mountains separate India form the rest of Asia.
What is the highest mountain of the Himalayan Mountains called? Mount Everest is the highest mountain of the Himalaya Mountains. It os 29,035 ft high.
What is the "River's Gift"? In the spring, the snow melts and fills the Indus River with water. This water flows the river and carries "silt" (rich soil and nutrients) down to the flat dry "Indus Plain"
How long is the Indus River? It is about 1,800 miles long.
What countries does the Indus River Flow through? It flows through China, Pakistan and India.
What is the Indus Plain? It is a flat dry/desert area. The river floods in the springs and carries water and silt to the farmers.
What other river starts in the Himalaya Mountains? The "Ganges River.
What crops are farmed in the Indus River Valley? Wheat, Barley, beans and sesame.
What other crops did they learn to plant? The farmers also were the first to plant rice, bananas, black pepper, mustard and cotton plants.
What is an "Irrigation Canal? It is a ditch that the farmers dug to route the flood waters to the crops.
What animals were in the Indus River valley? Tigers, Jackals(a wild dog), and wild pigs. Deer and birds also ate crops.
What is a subcontinent? a subcontinent is a large land mass that is separated by a geographical feature such as a large mountain area. India is considered a subcontinent of Asia as it is separated by the Himalayan Mountains to the north.
In what ways did the Indus River help the farmers? The Indus River helped the farmers each spring when the snow melted in the Himalayan Mountain's and flooded the Indus River Valley bring flood waters and silt.
Why did farmers plant different crops at different times of the year? The farmers planted wheat and barley in the fall and harvested it before the river flood in the spring. In the spring the farmers planted cotton and sesame. The climate and floods allowed them to plant two crops. Spring and Fall.
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