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Semester 1

US History exam; Civil War - Korean War Years

During the Progressive Era people wanted change in four areas. What were they? -social reforms. -economic reforms. -political reforms. -moral issues (stressing purity and religion).
What four amendments were added during the Progressive Era? -16th, new taxation laws. -17th, had to do with senate elections (voting). -18th, alcohol consumption ban (prohibition). -19th, women's voting rights
What were the four battle fronts in the Mexican-American War? 1. Philippines 2. Puerto Rico 3. Guam 4. Cuba
Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt became president after the assassination of who? William McKinnley.
What was passed to control trusts and monopolies in America? 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act
What year did the Spanish-American war begin. 1898
Where did the U.S.S. Maine blow-up? Havana Harbor, Cuba.
Rapid immigration in the United States led to what three changes? -Anti-Coolie Act which banned Chinese immigration. -Kept immigrants from contracting work in the U.S. -Prevented some immigrants from entering due to crimes, mental stability, and welfare.
Name 8 acquisitions between 1803 and 1869. -Louisiana Purchase (1803) -Indian Removal Act ( 1830) -Annexation of Texas (1845) -Gold Rush in California (1848) -Morrill Land Grant Act (1862) -Homestead Act of 1862 -Completion of the Transcontinental-Railroad. (1869)
Name the three reasons reconstruction failed. -Lack of government unity. -Pilfering of money. -Inability to overcome racism.
Name the three things that Jim Crow Laws did. -imposed literacy tests. -Poll taxes. -Began "seperate bu equal" or segregation. (included a lot of violent threats)
Name the three events that occurred during Reconstruction. -Freedman's bureau. -The appearance of black codes. -Control of south by scalawag and carpetbaggers.
The fourth event was adding 3 amendments. What were they and what did they do? -13th-abolished slavery -14th-granted citizenship to all people born in the US. -15th-gave all men the right to vote
Created by: lucranch
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