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Caribbean S.A.


indentured servants People who agree to work for a certain period of time, often in exchange for travel expenses.
pidgin languages Simple languages that help people who speak different languages understand each other.
Cayenne Capital of French Guiana.
Georgetown Capital of Guyana
Paramaribo Capital of Suriname in South America.
indigo A plant used to make deep blue dye.
caudillos Military leaders who ruled Venezuela in the 1800s and 1900s.
llaneros Cowboys of the Venezuelan Llanos.
pardos Venezuelans of mixed African, European, and South American Indian ancestry.
Lake Maracaibo An extension of the Gulf of Venezuela in South America.
slums Heavily populated urban area characterized by poor housing and poverty.
El Dorado “The Golden One”, a legend of the early Chibcha people of Colombia. Legend says the new ruler was covered in gold dust and washed the dust off as people threw gemstones into the water.
cassava A tropical plant with a starchy root. Used to thicken puddings and sauces.
malaria A disease common in the tropics usually transmitted by mosquitoes.
Bogota Capital and largest city in Colombia.
Cauca and Magdalena Rivers Rivers in western Colombia that flow into the Caribbean Sea.
codillera A mountain system made up of parallel mountain ranges.
tepuis Layers of sandstone that have resisted erosion atop plateaus in the Guiana Highlands.
Llanos A plains region in eastern Columbia and western Venezuela.
Andes Great mountain range in western South America.
Guiana Highlands Elevated region in northeastern South America.
Orinoco River Major river system in the northern portion of South America.
Caracas Capital and largest city in Venezuela.
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