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Chapter 6


What is the organization created to prevent future wars but the U.S. did not want to join? League of Nations
What is the agreement among nations to defend one another? Alliance
What is the policy in which a nation prefers to remain neutral and let other countries handle their own problems? Isolation
What was issued by the government as a way of getting money to support the war? War Bonds
What officially ended WWI, punished Germany? Treaty of Versailles
What is a way of getting more men to fight in the war? Draft
How did people restore private control; remove from government jurisdiction? Reprivatizing
What is the agency created by President Wilson? (This agency was to settle disputes between workers and employers in order to ensure good work and productivity.) National War Labor Board
What was the 1st cause for the war starting in Europe? Nationalism
What was the 2nd cause for the war starting in Europe? Fierce rivalries
What was the 3rd cause for the war starting in Europe? Assassination of Archduke
What was the 4th cause for the war starting in Europe? Competition for land and military power
What was the 1st event that led the US to enter the war? Germany sank the Lusitania
What was the 2nd event that led the US to enter the war? Germany made secret deals with Mexico
What was the 3rd event that led the US to enter the war? Germany sank 3 American trade ships.
How did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? Germany had to pay fines and could not rebuild their army.
Why did Wilson not support the treaty? Wilson was afraid that it was too harsh a punishment and would not keep lasting peace.
Name the 1st new technology used in WWI. Poisonous gas
Name the 2nd new technology used in WWI. Fighter Planes
Name the 3rd new technology used in WWI. Tanks
How was the farming industry affected during WWI? Farmers were fighting in the war so less food was being produced.
What did people do to help with the food shortage during WWI? They planted war gardens
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