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civil war 2

He was the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Davis
He was the president of the United States during the Civil War. Lincoln
Union general who had his leg blown off when he moved his division in front of all others. Dan Sickles
Called the key to the South by Lincoln, the Confederacy surrendered this stronghold along the Miss. river in July of 1863 Vicksburg
The most notorious prison of war camp located in Georgia, the death rate here was extremely high. Andersonville
Keynote speaker at the dedication of Gettysburg National cemetery who spoke for over two hours. Edward Everett
Union general who planned the successful sieges of Vicksburg and Petersburg; considered the best general for the Union. Ulysses S Grant
Commander at Andersonville prison who was hung on November 10, 1865. Henry Wirz
Three day battle fought in the farmland of Pennsylvania; considered the turning point of the Civil War. Gettyburg
Location where the 20th Maine defended the very left flank of the Union army at Gettysburg. Little Round Top
He was the Democratic candidate for the 1864 presidential election; an old thorn in the flesh of Lincoln. George McClellan
He took charge of the USS Essex when he was only 12, played a key role in securing the Miss. river for the Union. David Farragut
Confederate general whose division was wiped out on day 3 at Gettysburg. George Pickett
Important southern railroad center that was burned to the ground during Sherman's march to the sea. Atlanta
Dates of the marquee battle of the Civil War which was considered the turning point. July 1-3 1863
Name given the futile attempt to break through the Union lines on day 3 at Gettysburg. Pickett's Charge
Vice President candidate on the Republican ticket for the 1864 presidential election. Andrew Johnson
She led a team of nurses to Andersonville to aid the surviving prisoners. Clara Barton
Called Lee's "workhorse" this Confederate general disagreed with Lee's strategy at Gettysburg. James Longstreet
This city was given to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift by Sherman in 1864. Savannah
Date on which the Confederate army surrendered Vicksburg to Grant. July 4 1863
Name of the line at Andersonville 13 feet from the outside wall at Andersonville at Andersonville that prisoners were not to cross. Deadline
He was called Robert E. Lee's eyes; his Cavalry scouted the Union positions. Jeb Stauart
Confederate general who finally surrendered his army to Grant after a long siege at Petersburg. Robert E. Lee
Location where Grant's army held Lee's army captive for over nine months. Petersburg
Date on which Sherman gave a southern city as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln. December 22, 1864
Name of the high ground occupied by Union forces at Gettysburg. Gave Union a great advantage over Lee's army. Cemetery ridge
Hero of day 2 at Gettysburg when his 20th Maine held the Union's left flank on Little Round Top. Chamberlain
He led his Union army on a destructive march from Chattanooga to Savannah during the 1864 campaign. Willian Tecunsen Sherman
Date that Grant's army captured the Confederate capital. April 3, 1865
Location at Gettysburg where a Union General moved his decision out in front of all other lines Devils Den
Confederate commander at Vicksburg who surrendered the fort. John Pemberton
Union commander at Gettysburg George Meade
The Civil War began at his first home and ended at his second. William McLean
Capital of the Confederacy Richmond
Date that Lee surrendered to Grant. April, 9 1865
Location where Lee & Grant signed the surrender papers. Appomattox
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