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TX Ch. 10-12 Review

Ch. 10-12 History Review of Texas

Why were the Texas colonists unhappy with Santa Anna? He wasn't following the constitution of 1824
What was the Battle of Gonzales? Mexico wanted their cannon back and Texas attacked them
What was the nickname for the Battle of Gonzales? The Lexington of Texas
Who led the Texans at the Attack on Gonzales? John H. Moore
After the victory of Gonzales, where did the rebels want to attack? San Antonio
Who was elected to lead the attack on San Antonio Stephen F. Austin
What does infantry mean? foot soldiers
What does calvary mean? horse soldiers
Who was elected to lead the Texas army after Austin was appointed commissioner to the United States? Edward Burleson
What was the Grass Fight? They stopped horses from Mexico and they discovered the bags were full of grass
What was the outcome of the capture of San Antonio? Ben Milam and 300 volunteers were attacked before dawn. General Cos surrendered.
What did Texans believe that the capture of San Antonio would establish for Texas? independence from Mexico
What does provisional mean? temporary
Who was the commander in chief of the regular army? Sam Houston
Who was in command of the army at Goliad? James Fannin
Who was Davey Crockett? Volunteer at the Alamo from Tennessee
Who was Jose de Urrea? He killed Fannin and his men at Goliad
Who was William B. Travis? A leader at the Alamo who wrote a letter from the Alamo asking for reinforcements
What was positive about the Alamo battle location? provided some cover and had a cannon
What was a negative about the Alamo battle location? made as a mission and walls were falling down
Where did the writing of the Texas Declaration of Independence occur? Washington on the Brazos
Which country's document was the Texas document modeled after? The United States
What two things are in both the Constitution of 1836 and the US Constitution? Bill of Rights and 3 Branches of government
Who was elected ad interim president of Texas? David G. Burnett
What was the movement of settlers fleeing east to avoid Santa Anna and the Mexican army called? Runaway Scrape
How did Fannin respond to the request for soldiers at the Alamo? He didn't respond
What happened to Fannin and his men They were killed by Urrea
After the Goliad massacre, what did Houston do with the Texas army? He retreated east to have more time to train his men because they were no match for the Mexican army
How did the Texas soldiers and the Texas government respond to Houston's decision? They were upset and impatient and they wanted to fight
What was the Battle of San Jacinto? 18 minutes long sneak attack on Mexican men who were asleep
What happened as a result of the Battle of San Jacinto? Captured Santa Anna
Did Santa Anna's army have a good defensive position and why? No because they were cornered and surrounded by water
Was Santa Anna concerned about his position and why? No because he had no scouts out and was resting
What is democracy? A government where power is given to the people
What is a dictatorship? A government ruled by one person
What advantages did Texas army have? self determination and fighting for a purpose
What advantages did Mexican army have? large numbers, good training, well equipped and dressed
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Texas Revolution? Treaties of Velasco (one public and one private)
What were the major points of two Treaties of Velasco? Santa Anna would never fight Texas again. Prisoner of war were to be exchanged and property seized by Mexico would be returned to Texas.
Were the Treaties of Velasco honored by Mexico? No because they were done in private
Created by: mharlan
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