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Chapter 9 Test

Attorney General who ordered the arrest of suspected Communists and anarchists. A. Mitchell Palmer
Economic system based on private property and free enterprise Capitalism
People who believe that there should be no government. Anarchists
Who encourage workers in other nations to fight against capitalism? Bolsheviks
Steelworker went on strike in September of 1919 to demand an increase in wage and what else? Eight hour day
What police force was fired in 1919 for going on strike for the right to form a union? Boston
The defendants involved in the case that suggested the depth of antiforeign and antiradical feelings in the US. Sacco and Vanzetti
Founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. A. Phillip Randolph
Founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association Marcus Garvey
Warren G. Harding's running mate. Calvin Coolidge
Symbol of dishonesty in the Harding government. Teapot Dome
Governor of Wyoming. Nellie Tayloe Ross
Governor of Texas Miriam Ferguson
Agreement to Outlaw War. Kellogg-Briand Pact
Warren G. Harding's policy on world affairs Isolationism
The nickname of the group of friends that President Warren G. Harding gave jobs to. Ohio Gang
Who was involved in the biggest scandal of the Harding administration? Albert Fall
In 1920, American troops were stationed in the Dominican Republic and which other Latin American country? Nicaragua
The treaty marking the first time that world powers agreed to disarm. Five-Power Treaty
The amount of work each employee can do. Productivity
What kind of power did most Americans rely on in the 1920's? Electricity
Buying goods by making small, regular payments. Installment Buying
A pioneer in the manufacture of affordable automobiles. Henry Ford
To increase productivity, many employers hired experts in what? Scientific Management
A practice designed to link workers more closely with a company. Welfare capitalization
To persuade people to buy their products, businesses increase their spending on what? Advertising
Where was the automobile manufacturing center of the world in the 1920's? Detroit, Michigan
The total value of all goods and services produced by a nation. Gross National Product
Creating new rhythms and melodies during a performance. Improvisation
Guaranteed women in all states the right to vote. Nineteenth Amendment
The nickname for the new "liberated" woman of the 1920's? flapper
The law that set up the quota system for limiting immigration to the US? Emergency Quota Act
The blossoming of culture that spread from Harlem. Harlem Renaissance
The prosecutor for the Scopes trial. William Jennings Bryan
Created by: AnneD
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