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People in World History H-L

emperor of ethiopia 1930-1974 who tried to fight itlaian invasion of his country Selassie
babylonian king noted for his legal code which was based on an eye for an eye hammurabi
chinese philosopher who developed his idea of legalism han fei tzu
carthaginian general during the second punic war, he defeated the romans at cannae, but lost to scipio at zama hannibal
he was the last saxon king of england, killed at battle of hastings harold 2
discovered that blood circulates through the body harvey
egyptian queen who is considered the first female ruler in history hatshepsut
king of england 1154-1189 who was the first plantagenet ruler of england, he was married to eleanor of aquitane, he is associated whith the development of common law and the jury system, he was hurt by the beckett incident henry 2
he was holy roman emperor 1956-1106 who got into a major dispute with gregory 7 over the issue of lay investiture henry 4
first member of the house of bourbon to rule france1589-1610 his reign brought men to the french wars of religion, he converted to catholicism, but helped the protestants through the edict of nantes, paris is worth a mass henry 4
king of england 1488-1509 who defeated richard 3 at bosworth field and won the war of the roses, first tudor monarch henry 7
he rule england 1509-1547 and split with the church over his desire to divorce catherine of aragon, earlier given the title "defender of the faith" by the pope, had six wives, and 3 children who ruled england henry8
prince who encouraged the portuguese to explore africa which helped to bring on the age of discovery henry the navigator
greek historian who wrote about the persian wars, he is considered the father of history herodotus
famous nazi leader who flew to scotland during ww2 on a peace mission, he was sentenced to life in prison at nurenburg, he was the last nazi to be held at spandau prison rudolf hess
german field marshall during ww1, became president of the weimar republic 1925-1934, appointed hitler chancellor in january 1933 hindenburg
greek who is considered the father of medicine hippocrates
emperor of japan during much of the 20th century including ww2, last emperor to be worshipped as a god hirohito
austrian who tried to come to power in the beer hall putsch in 1923, wrote mein kampf and became chancellor in 1933, committed suicide in a bunker in 1945 hitler
communist leader of viet nam who fought the japanese, french, and american ho chi minh
explorer who sailed for the english and the dutch, a river, strait, and bay are named after him hudson
czech, religious leader who was executed for advocating the teachings of wycliffe hus
founded the society of jesus who were called the shock troopers of the counter reformation loyola
egyptian architect who developed the step pyramid imhotep
grand duke of moscow 1462-1505 who laid the groundwork for a strong russian monarchy, he expanded his kingdom and pushed the mongols back ivan 3 the great
first czar of russia 1547-1584 who killed his own son as well as anyone else he was angry with, he drove the mongols from russia ivan 4 the terrible
he was the first member of the house of stuart to rule england, he was the son of mary queen of scots, during his reign the first permenant english colony was set up in the new world, the king james version of the bible was issue james 1
english king 1685-1688 who was ovethrown by the glorious revolution james2
according to legen he was the first emperor of japan, started dynasty that still rules the country today jimmu tenno
maid of orleans who saved the french throne for charles 7 by lifting the siege of orleans, she was captured and tried as a witch joan of arc
french general during ww1, won the first battle of the marne joffre
youngest son of henry 2 who was king of england from 1199-1216, he was forced to sign the magna carta john
very popular pope who called the second vatican council and promoted reforms within the church john 13
along with marquette, he explored the great lakes and upper ms river areas for france joliet
holy roman emperor and king of austria known as an enlightened despot, was the son of maria theresa joseph 2
first wife of napoleon, divorced her in order to have an heir josephine
he is the current king of spain who came to the trone upon the death of franco juan carlos 1
byzantine emperor who was best known for his law code "corpus juris civilis" the hagia sofia was also constructed during his reign justinian 1
german philosopher who wrote "critique of pure reason" he stressed the potential of the human mind kant
helped to overthrow the last czar and was premier of the provisional goverment from july 1917 to the outbreak of the communist revolution kerensky
dictator of iran from 1979 till his death he controlled the country when u.s. hostages were taken khomeini
dictator of the soviet union from the mid 50s til 1964 he carried out the de-stalinization program, controlled russia when the berlin wall was built and during the cuban missle crisis khruschev
religious leader who brought calvin's ideas to scotland knox
mongol emperor who established the yuan dynasty in china,he expanded the mongol holdings but was unable to take japan he was the ruler of china when marco polo made his trip to china kublai khan
famous frenchman who helped american forces out during the american revolution lafayette
chinese philospher who was the founder of taoism lao tse
french explorer in north america who claimed the ms valley region for france he named the area louisianna lasalle
during ww1 he led an arab revolt against the turks t.e. lawrence
famous norse explorer who was the son of eric the red, discovered north america, which he called vinland ericson
one of the founders of the russian bolsheviks, came to power in the november revolution, led the country through: civil war, war communism, and a new economic policy, lenin
pope who excommunicated martin luther leo X
painted the mona lisa, and the last supper da vinci
led the spartans at the battle of thermoplae against the persians, he and a spartan army of about 300 men died in the battle leonidas
french engineer who constructed the suez canal lesseps
founder of antiseptic surgery lister
scottish missionary who explored africa livingstone
english philosopher who believed that all men had natural rights to life, liberty, and property locke
french monarch whose chief regent was cardinal richelieu during his reign france entered 30 years war on the side of the protestants louis 13
french king 1643-1715 who ruled longer than any other european king, his regent was cardinal mazzarin, he repealed the edict of nantes, built the palace of versailles and took part in many wars louis 14
french king 1715-1774 who took part in the war of austrian succession and the seven years war, he allowed the government to have a great say in affairs of state louis 15
french king during the american and french revolution, he was executed during the french revolution louis 16
he ruled france from 1830-1848 and was called the citizen king, he came to power in the july revolution of 1830 and was forced to abdicate in the february revolution of 1848 louis philippe
considered to be the father of the protestant reformation he wrote the 95 theses and translated the bible into german, he believed that you were saved by faith alone luther
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