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Post-Civil War

8th Grade SS

Three politicians(Brown, Colquitt, Gordon) who dominated Georgia politics for 30 years. They were secessionists and white supremacists who wanted to expand railroads and mines, create low taxes, etc. Bourbon Triumvirate
Governor of GA during the Civil War. He bickered with Confederate President Jefferson Davis on several occasions, switched briefly to the Republican Party after the war. Joseph E. Brown
A general during the Civil War who fought in both the Civil War and the Mexican-American War. Later a GA governor. Alfred H. Colquitt
Military general during the war and an outspoken opponent of Reconstruction, as well as an affiliate of the KKK. Served a term in the Senate, resigned amidst scandal to build railroads, then returned to the Senate. John B. Gordon
Abolished slavery and indentured servanthood in the United States of America. 13th Amendment
Granted citizenship to people regardless of race, and gave all races equal access to the legal system 14th Amendment
Gave all men the right to vote, regardless of race 15th Amendment
Henry Grady
Old South
New South
Three events held in Atlanta to help promote its capabilities, accomplishments,and to lure Northern investment into the city. The last one was most memorable. (1881, 1885, 1895) International Cotton Exposition
Created by: saxpro5
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