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S.S outlines

who found the Ford Motor Company 1920 Henry Ford
What processes did his company use that changed the way manufacturing had been done it changed it by doing mass production.he also set up an assemblyline `
in what way did mass production change the economy it changed by cause more people got more of stuff
what were some of president Herbert hover's beliefs the government should not do too many thingsto change the eonomy . And real economic growth came from the hard work of ordinary people
how did technologychange people's life's after world war 1 people can drive around town and they could have more free time with their family . it made chors easier
who was Louis Armstrong was a singer and tumpter , and helped to make jazz popular
who was Langston Hughes he was a poet
what was the harlem renaissance a neighborhood in new York , a time when there is new interest in art and literature music and learning it was for aa
what kind of radio programs did people listen to during the 1920's music, comedy, shows, mstry sories came along
who wa babe ruth a baseball player
who were the right brothers they created the first airplane and the first one to fly it
who was Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly alone across he alanic ocean
what happened when the stock market cashed thouasndths of people and stores lost their money
what is a depression a period when many people cant find work and many others have no money to keep stores going
what part of the country was called the Dust Bowl , and why was it called this great plains, is was called that because the wind blew low dust an dirt
who was duke ellington was a song writer
who was Margret Mitchell was a writer from , alanta , he wrote the novel , gone with the wind
who was jesse owens he was , a track star, also a hero from the 1930's
what did Herbert hoover do to impove the economy hoover asked congress to help struggling businesses and nemployed workers
what didfranklin Roosevelt do once he was elected president he went to work to give the Amercain people the new deal he proised
what was the ccc TO CREAT JOBS and conserve and protect the government
what was the tva they they built dams on the Tennessee river
what was the wpa they heired people to build series ,parks , and schools
Created by: averycanady
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