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Historical Figures


Which president served the longest? Franklin D. Roosevelt
The time in American history when people lost their jobs and businesses closed, because of the Stock Market crash is ____? The Great Depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt's promise to help American get back to work with many new programs is called ____? The New Deal
Who was president when Pearl Harbor Harbor was bombed and America entered World War II? Franklin D. Roosevelt
__________ showed character traits of diligence and determination. Franklin D. Roosevelt
___________overcame the challenge of being bound to a wheelchair. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who assisted a sick president by giving speeches and attending meetings for him? Eleanor Roosevelt
Who worked for the Red Cross during World War II Eleanor Roosevelt
Who represented the United States at the United Nations (UN) for seven years? Eleanor Roosevelt
Who fought for equal rights for black people and women and served as chair for the Commission on the Status of Women for President Kennedy. Eleanor Roosevelt
Kind and hard-working are character traits that best describe ________. Eleanor Roosevelt
Which famous American was told he couldn't attend the school he wanted, because the color of his skin? Thurgood Marshall
Who judged the case of "Brown vs. the Board of Education," which argued that schools should not be segregated? Thurgood Marshall
Who was the first African American chosen to sit on the Supreme Court? Thurgood Marshall
Brave and just are character traits that best describe ________, Thurgood Marshall
Who earned the nickname "Mr. Civil Rights," because he helped to break down racial barriers during the Civil Rights Movement? Thurgood Marshall
Which famous American became president after an assassination? Lyndon B. Johnson
Who wanted to create a "Great Society" where Americans had money and freedom for all and a place that demanded an end to hunger and racial unfairness. Lyndon B. Johnson
Who signed into law the Voting Rights Act which protected the rights of black voters? Lyndon B. Johnson
Who was a member of the Sons of Liberty? Paul Revere
Who protested high taxes from England? Paul Revere
Who is known for warning other colonist the British were invading? Paul Revere
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