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3rd Grade Test

Native Americans

What are some of the names we use for the first people to live in Michigan? Native Americans, Indians, American Indians
The Hopewell people were Native Americans. They lived in Michigan and several other states a long time ago. What is one unusual thing the Hopewell did that we can still see in a few places? They built mounds of earth where they buried their dead.
People who study the past look at old arrowheads, old bones, old pots and other things left behind by people long ago. What do we call all these old things from long ago? Artifacts
What does it mean to modify the environment? To change nature in some way. An example is to build a road, a dam, or a Hopewell mound.
Historians have found many things in Michigan's Hopewell mounds. Some of these items came from places far from here. What conclusion can we draw from this? The Hopewell must have traded for these things. They may have traveled far away to get them. Trade must have been important long ago in Michigan.
What are some reasons people from long ago moved from one place to another? They moved because of difficulties. The climate may have cooled, so they were cold. Food was hard to find. There was a war and they wanted to escape. These difficulties pushed them away. The hope of a better life pulled them to a new place to live.
What are some reasons why people move from one place to another today? Today, people move to find a job, to live near family and friends, or to retire in a warmer place.
What does the word migrate mean? People migrate when they move from one place to another. There is always a good reason people migrate. Something is pushing them away or pulling them to the new place. When we talk about people migrating, it's about a large group of people (tribe).
The Native Americans or tribes did not have stores where they could buy what they needed. Where did they get the things they needed to live? Nature supplied what they needed. They hunted and fished for food. They planted crops like corn or beans. They got wood and bark from trees to make wigwams.
Today, people may use names for Native Americans that the tribes never used for themselves. Hopewell is one of those names. What is one word in a Native American language they may have called themselves? Anishnabeg. This means "the people". Native Americans did not have written languages and their words were written as the Europeans thought they sounded. This means native words may be spelled in many different ways.
What tribes were a part of the Three Fires? Potawatomi, Ojibway, Odawa
Why were the tribes of the Three Fires grouped together? They spoke a similar language and had similar customs
Why would a Native American, or anyone else, trade for something? People trade for things they need and do not have. It is scarce for them, but someone else has more of it.
Native Americans have helped make our world a more interesting place. They left us things like foods, names and inventions. Tell me a Native American name we still use in our state. There are many possibilities. "Michigan" comes from Native American words that mean big or great lake. There are names like Mackinac, Pontiac, and Saginaw.
Name a Native American invention. Snowshoes and Toboggan
Why do Native Americans tell legends? They tell legends to help keep facts and stories about their past alive. This was more important in the past, before they had writing.
Tell what one legend is about. They have a legend about how maple sugar was discovered. They have a legend about Hiawatha. They have a legend about guidelines to live by.
Tell what you know about Native Americans today. We still have many Native Americans. They live in all parts of our state. They usually look much like anyone else. They may be artists, business people, farmers, or teachers. They wear clothes like other people wear and live in homes like everyone else.
Created by: karjones4
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