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N Africa and SW Asia

What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem
What is the capital of Egypt? Cairo
What is the capital of Iran? Tehran
What is the capital of Iraq? Baghdad
What is the capital of Lebanon? Beruit
How are most Middle Eastern countries wealthy? Through the production and exporting of oil
What do areas that are not suitable for farming use in order to plant crops? Irrigation
Name the two cultural hearths in this region. Mesopotamia and Nile River Valley
What two rivers are in the fertile crescent (Mesopotamia)? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Would a low literacy rate be an indicator for a developing or developed country? Developing
What region of the world exports the most petroleum? SW Asia
What does Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have in common? Monotheistic
What two groups are fighting in the Arab-Israeli conflict? Israelis and Palestinians
What type of conflict is the Arab Israeli described as? Political (land) and Cultural (religious)
What religion follows the 5 Pillars of Faith? Islam
Most countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia are comprised (made up) of what ethnic group? Arab
Longest river in the world is... Nile River
Oil fields are near what physical feature? Persian Gulf
What is cultural diffusion? spread of cultures to other areas
What country in SW Asia uses an absolute monarchy? Saudi Arabia
What two multinational organizations have tried to help with conflicts in the Middle East? UN and NATO
Governments that have kings/queens are called... monarchies
Extremely dry is the same as Arid
What are the 3 fossil fuels? Coal, oil, natural gas
Belief in one god Monotheistic
Sending a good outside of your country to be sold export
Bringing a good into your country import
Farming that only produces enough to feed your family Subsistence farming
A culture with written language and several kinds of jobs Civilization
A place where cultural traits begin and form; then spread to surrounding areas Cultural hearth
Land that is good for farming arable/fertile
Raising of plants and animals Agriculture
Planting different crops in different years to keep soil arable Crop rotation
Death Mortality
Extreme shortage of food famine
What is the goal of multinational organization? To maintain peace around the world, help countries in conflict
What physical feature acts as a cultural barrier in Africa? Sahara
What area uses center-point irrigation? Saudi Arabia/Middle East
What resources does this area lack enough of? Water
Where can most of North Africa and SW Asia's water be found? In aquifers
What monotheistic religion is the oldest? newest? Judaism, Islam
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