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Media studies

Fight for the right to vote: unit 5

What happened in 1789? Only white men protperty owners are allowed to vote
What happened in 1820-1830? Andrew jackson removed the requirement to own property. All white men can now vote
What happened in 1861? The Civil War, the 15th amendment passes and now white and african-american men can vote.
What happened in 1920? 19th amendment allowed the vote for white women but not black women.
What happened in 1940? The civil rights movement was followed by the world war II and blacks were drafted to work in factories and wanted the right to vote.
What happened in 1965? The voting bill was passed. John F. Kennedy wrote the bill but died before it passes.
What happened in 1971? 18 year olds are drafted for the Vietnam war. Protest that they can be drafted but cannot vote. 26th amendment changes the national voting age to 18.
What happened in the beginning in 1845? America voted on the "first Tuesday" after the first Monday in November.
What is the "magic number" to win? 270
What is gerrymandering? Gerrymandering is giving one political party an advantage over another by redrawing district lines.
What are the two ways to gerrymander? Packing a district and cracking a district.
What does it do? put opponent's voters in one district and surround them to limit their impact and break one district into many small parts to dillute the other party's power.
Created by: VK Vocab