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Latin America Geo

Geography of Latin America Test

What countries have major oil pollution concerns? Venezuela, Mexico, and Ecuador.
Mexico's __________ elevation contributes to air pollution. High.
_________________ surrounding Mexico contribute to its air pollution. Mountains.
How many countries make up Central America? Four or Five if you include Mexico.
Mexico's high dense ___________________contributes to its air pollution. Population.
What illnesses can air pollution cause? Cancer, Skin Problems, Respiratory Problems, or Digestive Problems.
What countries in Latin America are crossed by the equator/? Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.
What were created in the rain forest region to help with easier transportation? Major Highway Systems.
Which country in Latin America is where most of the population is located? Brazil
Rain forest is being cut down to create more ____________ and __________________ for cattle grazing and agriculture. Pastures and Cropland.
Why is the Plateau of Mexico the most populated region of Mexico? Because of good farm land and plenty of rain.
What factors make it easier for Mexico to trade with other countries? Border with the U.S. and plenty of access to water for trade.
What is Standard of Living? This is the term for the measure of a nation's quality of life based on income, education, etc...
____________________ have caused serious damage in cities like Mexico City, Port-au-Prince, and Managua. Earthquakes.
What two countries make up the island of Hispaniola? Haiti and The Dominican Republic.
What is the longest unbroken mountain chain on earth that is all above sea level? The Andes Mountains.
What is the Literacy Rate? This is the percentage of people in an area who can read and write
What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? This is the term for the total amount of goods and services produced in a country.
What is the typical result of a low literacy rate? High percentage of population that cannot read and write contributing to limited job opportunities and poverty.
Why do so many people live along the coast of Brazil? Because of the Oil Industry.
What is the driest area in Latin America? Atacama Desert.
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