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SS Midterm

Thirteen English Colonies

Act of Toleration Granted freedom of worship
Holy Experiment William Penn created a colony where people could practice religion freely
Charter A written contract from the government giving a share-holder the right to establish a government
Debtor People who owe money
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Gave rights to property owners and the right to vote
Indentured Servant A person who sold his/her labor in exchange for passage to America
Joint-stock Company A business in which investors pool their wealth in order to turn a profit
Mayflower Compact A agreement made by the men who sailed to America on the mayflower that called for laws for good of the colony and self government
Mercantilism An economic system in which nations increase their wealth and power by obtaining gold and silver and establish a balance of trade
Pilgrim A member of a group the rejected the church of England, sailed to America and founded Plymouth in 1620
Powhatan A Native American tribe
Puritan A member of a group from England that settled in Massachusetts Bay Colony. They wanted to reform the church.
Separatist A person who supports the separation of a particular group of people on the basis of religion
Wampanoags A member of an American Indian people of eastern Rhode Island and Massachusetts
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