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Government Services Public organization run by the government
Politics How power is distributed in the government
Majority Rules A group with OVER half the votes win
Democracy A government where the citizens participate
Framers Men who created the U.S. Constitution
Republic Government with publicly elected representatives
Government Rules and institutions which allows a society function
Minority Rights Group rights that do not have power in a society
Rule of Law Everyone must obey the law, even the leaders
Limited Government A government that has limited power by law
Absolute Monarchy Royalty rules and does not share any power
Representative Democracy Citizens elect representatives to run the government
Junta Military leaders run the government
Direct Democracy Citizens make all their laws themselves
Dictatorship One person or group rules with complete power others
Theocracy Religious leaders rule the country
Constitutional Monarchy Royalty share the power with elected leaders
Oligarchy Elite group of people holds all the power
Anarchy No one is in charge
Bicameral Name for two houses of congress
Bill of Rights First Ten Amendments of the Constitution
Individual Rights Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Free Speech, Property
Representative Democracy Type of government of the U.S.
Main Purpose of our government Protect our individual rights
# of Supreme Court Members 9
Leader of Executive Branch President
# of Members in House of Representatives 435
Branch that interprets laws Judical
Term for Supreme Court term Life
# of Members in the Senate 100
Branch that makes the laws Legislative
Branch that carries out the laws Executive
# of Senates per State 2
Length of term for Representatives 2 years
Length of term for Senators 6 years
Absolute Monarchy means the Ordinarily people Have no rights or freedom
Dictators get control of the government By force OR they are placed there
Dictators can do what they want BUT Citizens have very few rights
Totalitarian System Dictators say that the government can take control of peoples individual life
In Oligarchy it can sometimes be only a certain group One social class or one race
In Theocracy the government claims... They are directed by God
Communism An economic and social system based on collective onwership
Communism is basically when All property and productions are shared and owned by everyone
Anarchy is basically What happens when there were no governments
Countries with Anarchy None
The three branches of government Executive, Legislative, and Judical
Two parts of Congress House of Representatives and Senate
House of Representatives are based on... Population
Voter elect President and Congress
The President chooses The Vice President
President appoints Cabinet
Vice President is part of The Cabinet
Supreme Court has 12 Courts of Appeal
12 Courts of Appeal has 94 District Courts
Minimum Age for Senates 30 years old
Minimum age for House of Representatives 25 years old
Legislative has the power to... Declare war, override president vote, ratify treaties, impeach the pres., and approve budget
Minimum age for president 35 years old
Citizenship to become pres. Natural born citizen
Been in the US for (BLANK) to become pres. 14 years
Power of Executive Branch Commands the Military, veto's bills, creates budget, and makes foreign policy
Judicial Branch is nominated by The President
Judicial Branch has the power to Punish lawbreakers, settle state disputes, and settles legal
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