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political and rights

Social Studies

What are 3 rights? to life, to freedom, to work
What are the 3 global challenges? to provide food to 90 million people in 75 countries, to work with 140 nations to fight climate change and pollution, to fight poverty, helping 370 million people achieve better lives in the last 30 years.
How much countries signed the UN declaration? more than 140
What does the declaration state? that all people are born free and equal.
when was the UN declaration? in 1948
How much countries are involved in the UN? 193 countries
what are human rights? food, shelter, education, freedom from discrimination, and safety
When was the UN founded in 1945
in what year did 193 countries, including Canada become members of the UN? 2014
what did the UN create in 1981? the Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women.
When did the UN create the declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples? in 2007
When did the UN agree to create the Convention on the Rights of the child? in 1990
What does NGO mean? a non-profit group that works on an issue in support of the common good.
What does Civil War mean? an armed conflict, between two different groups in the same country.
what does discrimination mean? is the unfair treatment of a group of people because of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, disability, age, or sexuality.
what are peacekeepers? they do a variety of jobs to help a country move from conflict to peace.
what is the CFB and the Cathloic Canadian Organization for development and peace's role? To fund, and to collect money for people in 78 countries.
What is gender discrimination? the unfair treatment of someone due to their gender
What is disability discrimination? The unfair treatment of someone due to their disablity
What are the two MDGs that are put forth by the UN? To reduce poverty and hunger, to improve children's health and to improve maternal health
What does MDG mean Millennium Development Goals
What declaration did the UN create to protect children? The declaration of the child
What are the 2 rights children are entitled to under this Act To go to school and play and to be protected from abuse
What does child labour mean is the work done by children under a certain age or is dangerous to the childs health or development
What age must a child be to work in Ontario at least 14 years of age
What country does not strictly enforce child labour laws China
What factors affect health of people worldwide climate change, flooding, drought, lack of access to treatment
what is the WHO is the international on world health issues.
what are the goals of the WHO promoting universal healthcare and achieving the health related MDG
is the red cross a NGO yes
is the SAFP a NGO yes
is the CPAR a NGO yes
what does the red cross do helps communities build clinics and health centres in remote villages.
what does the SAFP do works with communities with in East Africa
what does the CPAR do contributes to the reduction of poverty in India
what does economy mean the buying , making, and selling of goods and services
what does invest mean to give another person, bank, or company money in the hope of making money.
what does import mean buys and brings to another country
what does export mean sells and sends to another country
why do Canadian companies trade goods with foreign companies so
what is the role of the WTO to make decisions based on what the majority of its members think
who is the top importer and canadas exporter in 2012 United states
what is the role of NAFTA to encourage economic activity between the US Canada and Mexico
What does Canada do when theres a disaster around the world we send NGOs, and also donate millions of dollars
what department responds to a natural disaster that occurs in the world. the department of Foreign Affairs
What was canadas response to the earthquake in Haiti by sending healthcare for families, chidren, and mothers
what organizations are involved world wide with disaster relief the Canadian red cross, global medic, the CCOFDAP, Canadian foodgrains bank, and save the children canada
what are the 4 environmental issues that exist worldwide global warming, deforestation, avalibity of fresh water and climate change
what is the Canadian governments role in protecting the environment to create certain acts that our land can follow
what is the NGOs role in protecting the environment to protect certain forests through out our land
what is an individual Canadians job in protecting the environment to encourage other people and to take it among ourselves to recycle and compost
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